Goodbye My Old Friend…


They tell me that my piano was used during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.  You know the movie, right?  Judy Garland’s “Meet Me in St. Louis” where the song, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” became famous?  The older gentleman who tunes my old friend tells me that he believes this to be true.  I adore the history behind my piano and as a piece of furniture, it’s just my speed.  HOWEVER, did you know that a piano is only meant to be used for 100 years?  That is unless it’s a baby grand or a grand piano, in which case they can be completely rebuilt.  I was under the impression that MY piano could be rebuilt.  Not true.  If my piano repair man was any less honest, he would tell me that it could be done for anywhere between $500 and $1,000, depending on the quality of the wood behind the strings.  Truly, I WANTED him to tell me that it could.  I was ready to pay whatever he asked.  Shame on him for telling the truth! He wouldn’t take my money for fear of what he would be getting into.  There’s the possibility that nothing would work.  SO, for today, the kindly old man tuned my old friend one last time and complemented me on the nice quality of furniture I had.  It’s just not practical to rebuild her and it turns out she’ll never sound right. It’s time to look elsewhere for a NEW “old” friend.  My problem is that I don’t like the uprights that are only half this tall.  I like them to be tall like this one.  I think the only piano’s that are this tall will be all over a hundred years old.  Awe well, at least my guy didn’t charge me a penny.  That’s the only bright spot in this very sad day.  Lol  This one still sounds acceptable so I’ll practice on her for a little while more before I make my final decision on whether or not to put her out to pasture 😦

Goodbye Old Friend…  



2 thoughts on “Goodbye My Old Friend…

  1. Oh Michelle, your description of your “friend” really touched me. I could just feel how much you really wanted to keep her in your home/ family. I have fond memories of playing many pianos as we never owned one until Jerry had his grandmother’s old piano moved in. It also did not play and sound right but it was lovely to have in the living room.
    I hope you are able to find another that touches you the way this one did. I am also very happy that the piano tuner was honest with you, even if he didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear.
    The most important thing is the memories that you have made with your dear friend. I can’t wait to hear you play.

    • Dianna! You made it over here:-) I remember Jerry’s old piano. I think that was one that couldn’t be fixed either. Didn’t it go through a fire? Anyway, yeah, it’s sad. You know how much I love my old piano:-) Actually, Jerry helped move this one into my house! They tell me it’s going to cost around $300 to have it removed from my home! lol

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