So this is blogging?

Hello world!  Can you hear me?

One of my new years resolutions is to make a real live blog.  After all, I have SO much to say and it would be remiss if the world didn’t have an opportunity to know my every waking thought!  My other two resolutions were to resume taking piano lessons (check) and start taking photography lessons (another check).  If I can figure out how to BLOG, life will be good for me!  I’ll feel complete:-)

BTW….  Just in case my adoring audience is interested, here’s a picture of my smiling face (the cute kid happens to be my first born granddaughter… yes, I’m EXTREMELY proud:-)Image


10 thoughts on “So this is blogging?

    • My pleasure visiting your blog! Your photography is amazing! I’ve just started photography classes and am SO jealous when I see work like yours! Maybe one day:-) Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Hey Sweetheart! Glad to see this is up and taking posts! I always love to see what you’re writing about day to day. You’re a really good read, LOL. You couldn’t have chosen a better first pic for this.

  2. You are awesome my friend and am so happy you’ve joined the blogging world. You always have such beautiful things to say and how you describe life ALWAYS makes me smile. I love you, sister, and can’t wait for you to get this started and am so happy for you to have a little outlet for what you’re thinking. XOXOXO

    • I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, as you know. I did this many years ago when blogging was kind of new and had so many followers but the site shut down and I got discouraged trying to find one I liked well enough.

      As always, thanks for just being you and all the nice things you say to and about me. I’m truly not worthy! lol Can you send me the link to your blog?

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