Lincoln … A better late than never movie review

As I mentioned HERE, I’m not the most “frequented” of movie goers.  lol  I usually can’t sit still long enough to enjoy my surroundings in a movie theater.  For some reason, January’s are always different and I end up seeing more films than usual.  My mom has a birthday in January and she wanted to see Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg, so by goodness Mama!  We’re GOING to see Lincoln!  lol

My thoughts?  I felt like I went into this film knowing pretty much about Abraham Lincoln.  I’d visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, in Springfield IL, many times and have read pretty many books.  However, I didn’t realize just how much I really would have loved his humor, wisdom and just overall Godly personality!  I was struck by his sadness and his genuine love of his fellow man.  He would have been someone I would want for a mentor, or friend.  Daniel Day- Lewis Did a fantastic job making me feel his emotions!  Lincoln was SO tender hearted, yet he wasn’t a “slouch” and wouldn’t be pushed around.  He calmly and for the most part, quietly, stood firm in his convictions.  I had never given very much thought, until seeing this film, how difficult it must have been to PASS the Emancipation Proclamation!  Dear lord, it was a miracle and passed by the skin of it’s teeth!

I adored Sally Fields performance as Mary Todd Lincoln was SPOT on, IMO!  She was also a person I would have loved to have known!  Bi-Polar and all!  She was actually pretty hilarious in the way she manipulated and demanded the $ to throw extravagant white house parties and redecorate!  lol  Sally Field is always a winner in by book, anyway.  I think she could make the most twisted of people look like someone I’d want to know!

So, yes, this was a dark period of time in American History and filled with so much grief and sadness.  There wasn’t a lot of action and it moved along a little slow BUT it kept my interest, and I actually laughed in quite a few places.  I’d definitely recommend seeing this, if you haven’t already.  I learned a lot…. you probably will too 🙂  Two thumbs up!


6 thoughts on “Lincoln … A better late than never movie review

    • Hey.
      I loved it, it is 10/10 and I am from Scotland. I loved the man before the film, more so now. But the man acting, I am a huge fan of him. When he went home, during filming he got his Wife/Family to call him Mr President. 🙂


  1. I enjoyed DDL’s performance and found It interesting learning about the man,but as a film I found it slow which is OK if you are building to a exciting climax (getting rid of slavery) but this was a real anti climax when they eventually confirmed he had won.

    • I agree it was slow. I guess the thing that struck me was the actual learning about the man and his wife. I like a good look into the personal lives. Kind of weird like that I guess. BUT, it was a struggle to not fall asleep sometimes. I guess I should have talked about that but I think I just wanted to focus on what I learned.

      Thanks for your honesty and for your comments! I enjoy reading your reviews! 😉

      • I am the same I love to learn about people from our past. There were slow times in the movie, it was not a fast paced movie, for me it was like reading a book, slow paced and easy on the eye…

        I won’t ruin the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it, as my brother did to me with Titanic 😦

        did I tell that joke already? lol

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