My Little Chunkaddodle Turns 4! Cuteness overload….


4 years ago, February 2, 2009, God blessed us with our very first grandchild!  Happy birthday to  one of the biggest loves of my life, my little “Chunkadoodle”.

Being a Mawmaw has brought me many emotions I couldn’t have imagined I’d have.  First of all, I would never have guessed that I could POSSIBLY love another human being the way I love my own children.  My heart swells with emotion beyond love for this little angel.  When I hear her tiny little voice say “Mawmaw, come meer, I want to SHOW you sumpin”… and then she brings me a flower…


When she screams, “Mawmaw, I wanna swing HIGH , all the way to the MOON!”


When she pretends not to hear me when I tell her it’s time to leave because she’s MUCH too busy climbing the jungle gym…  And she makes me have to run and catch her to bring her down…


When she says, “Pawpaw, Come meer, I wanna give you a hug” and I see my husband melt…


When she falls asleep eating a chicken nugget on the way to somewhere…Image

And when we finally get to “somewhere”, how she makes me laugh because she wants to try on every hat in the gift shop…Image


When she tells a funny joke and she cracks her OWN self up…


When she’s in her own little world and she doesn’t know we’re part of that world…


When she’s ready to take on the world with a cannon AND a sippy cup…


When she causes her daddy grief because she’s too squirmy…



When she thinks I’m Reeeeediculous……


When she says “Pawpaw, I tired.  Gimme a piggy back wide”…


But especially when she laughs…


These are the moments when I realize why I live, why I breathe, why I love…



Through you I see the future,

Through me you’ll see the past,

In the present we’ll love one another,

As long as these moments shall last.

(author unknown)

Happy birthday my angel!  It breaks my heart to be so far away but you’re in the biggest part of my heart every single day!


6 thoughts on “My Little Chunkaddodle Turns 4! Cuteness overload….

    • It makes me so sad to be away from her. She’s definitely stolen our hearts 😦 Did you ever think you could love a little person this much? Of course we love our kids but this is different… just like everyone said it would be. I just can’t put words to it 🙂 ❤

  1. But its scary being a mother, or grandmother for that part…I honestly dont think I could handle it…I mean, I would always think that if they are not with me, they aren’t safe.

    • Oh I’ve definitely been there with my own kids… thinking something was going to happen to them if they weren’t with me, I mean. I HAD to let go because most of them are mostly grown and have moved away. They don’t like it when I check up on them. lol The grandbabies are SO easy. Their parents are awesome parents (better than I was as a young mom) so we know they’re safe and snug as a bug in a rug 😉 We MISS them so much though cause they’re 14 hours away from us. We have to squeeze a whole lot of living in the few weeks a year we get to see them. But there’s Skype. We get to Skype with them a lot 🙂 Not the same though cause I can’t touch them!

      You’re going to be an awesome Mommy one day. It sounds like you have an awesome mom too. There’s no way with your intelligence and attitude that you wouldn’t be awesome at it. Just not too soon 😉 Enjoy your life before you do something like I did (become a mom at 17!).

    • Awww THANK you! I think she’s just about the most adorable little person EVER! I could be biased though? lol Funny that I never knew how much fun being a Mawmaw would be! Especially based on how NOT fun PARENTING can be at times! lol

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 😉

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