Good day for the boat show!

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It’s so rainy and ugly here in Middle America!  I wish it would snow if it’s going to be this ugly out!

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I think we’ll drive into the city with our teenage munchkin and some friends to see the St. Louis Boat show!

I’m trying to talk teenage munchkin into bringing her swim suit so she can learn to scuba for free (in a pool).  She’s trying to tell me that she PROMISES that before she dies she’ll learn to REAL scuba in the ocean!  lol  I say that in the MEANTIME, she’ll try this, to amuse me!  hehehe  It sucks to be MY kid!

The problem with me and boat shows?  I’m reminded that I have no money to get what I feel I deserve 😦  Like, I REALLY want a boat like this one.  And when we leave, I’ll do my best to convince hubby that we only live once so WHY shouldn’t we have this beautiful specimen?  And he’ll say no, and I’ll threaten with divorce…  blah blah blah….  you know the routine….

And I’ll pout and plan his untimely demise….

Happy Sunday to all of you and remember to ALWAYS give the wifey what she wants 😉 or this can happen to YOU too!


10 thoughts on “Good day for the boat show!

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    • Not sure if my reply went to you so here goes again….
      I think it’s definitely a wife’s prerogative to be hard to please! lmbo After all, do they realize what we put up with on a daily basis? hehe Besides, it’s a woman’s nature to be indecisive and wishy washy. My poor husband puts up with A LOT BUT so do I, in all honesty! lol

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Love hearing from my San Antonio friend 😉

      • Haha! You made me laugh.. You are so honest. Yeah thats true. We also put up a lot and sometimes we let them feel about it. I am always indecisive even into choosing what restaurant should we go to. Although my hubby is sometimes being hard but he is very patient with me. Oh, hehe! And i am thankful for that. Anyway, thank you! Let me know when u are in san Antonio 🙂

  2. You should have a vacation in Philippines. There’s a lot of nice beaches there for scuba diving. My friend’s husband doesnt know how to swim but he learned how to scuba dive.. he loves it an dhe keeps on coming back to Phils.

    • I would absolutely LOVE to go to the Philippines! I’ve been to several oceans and have even tried to do something like scuba… I freak myself out though and think I’m drowning. lol BUT the teenage daughter hasn’t even tried. She’s been swimming in the ocean though. Are you from the Philippines?

      • Yes I am from philippines. You all should try going to Phils. You will love it in there. My friend has a lot of friends that know how to train people that doesn’t know how to scuba dive. They are good. And you all will have fun scuba diving since we have a lot of beautiful corals and different fishes.

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