A Fun Weekend Had by All… in pics

Follow up from yesterday’s post:

Just wanted to share with you our FABULOUS day at the St. Louis Boat Show!  What an awesome way to fight the gloom and doom of a rainy winter Sunday.  I’m SO glad we went because it gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time with the hubby, have fun with good friends AND torture my daughter!  It’s a win, win win situation, as far as I’m concerned!  lol  So here’s some of our highlights:


Teenage munchkin posing to amuse me in the cold rain.  She’s a GOOD daughter and wants to see her mama happy 😉

ImageOk.. this one’s funny because I’d convinced her that she would be going scuba diving in the pool (just another experience I want her to have).  Anyway, I’d told her she’d be doing the scuba boogie in THIS pool… only this pool was filled with dog hair and kind of smelled really bad because it was REALLY used as the “Dock Dogs” pool.  She’s trying to decide JUST how badly I want her to scuba dive!  lol


So this one’s where she figures out that I wasn’t REALLY serious about her swimming in the dog hair!


And here’s me waving to my adoring fans!

ImageOne of the reasons we wanted to go to the boat show on Sunday was to do the Swamp People Meet and Greet!  (Swamp People)


Here’s me embarrassing teenage munchkin (because she’s in LOVE with Jay Paul)… I’m explaining to them how I TOO am a famous Mississippi River Gator wrestler!  For my friends that aren’t from this country…  we don’t REALLY have gators in Missouri…  which is precisely why my daughter was praying I’d shut up.  lol  I think R J was interested in signing me to help him wrestle the REAL swamp gators!  hehehehe

ImageAfter my contract was negotiated!  lol  I think we’re all pleased with the terms and conditions!


Not to break any young girls heart, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but did you all know that Jay Paul is married?  Not ONLY is he married to this little cutie, they’re expecting a baby.  She’s 14 weeks along.  Cause yeah, I asked!  lol  I can tell you that Julia (teenage munchkin) and her friends are very sad about this!


Not to leave out hubby…  here he is being rewarded for taking me to the boat show.  What is his reward?  So glad you asked…  a cheeseburger.  Cause that’s ALL it takes.  lol

ImageHere’s the boat that I won’t be reciving as a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband.  However, he’s informed me that if I play my cards right, once Julia moves out, we CAN sell our home and live on the river in something LIKE this.  I think I could do that 😉

ImageHere’s me cooking a fish over an open fire on the only boat we’ll ever be able to afford…  a Tom Sawyer style floating raft.  Also pictured, my dear friend Beth and of course, Julia the teenage munchkin!

ImageThe 2 Ethiopians on the River Raft!  Hubby says we both look like we need a sandwich.  What do you think?  lol


This is precious!  I was able to track Dora the Explorer down because Julia wouldn’t leave the place until she could have a picture and a hug from Dora!  (okay… in all actuality, Julia had had just about enough of my shenanegins!  lol  but again, sucks to be MY kid!)

ImageThis is kind of cool…. here’s me sword fighting an elderly gentleman on The Gypsy Rose Pirate Ship…..  In case you were interested, I lost.

ImageI think this is the owner of The Gypsy Rose.  He was TOTALLY macking on my friend!  He was POSITIVE he’d seen her boating on the Mississippi several times because he was POSITIVE he’d seen her before.  You know “You look SO familiar to me… have we met?”  She was POSITIVE they’d NEVER met.  lol


Here’s me watching as my friend was getting molested by the pirate ship owner!  hehehe


Remember the scuba boogie we talked about?  I decided to have mercy on the daughter and we compromised.  She didn’t want to get her hair wet so we decided that she’d learn to navigate a boogie board (at least that’s what I THINK they’re called)

ImageNotice anything wrong with this picture?  That’s right!  Her wet suit is on backwards.  A photo opp in a HALF, if you ask me!  There has to be some perks of being a mother to a teenager, right?  I get to share with you all the things that amuse me 😉

ImageAnd she’s UP!  She actually did a very good job with this thing.  We canoe and kayak pretty often though.

ImageMy girl, in her backwards wet suit,  dreaming of the day she’ll kill me.

So that’s our day in pictures!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


9 thoughts on “A Fun Weekend Had by All… in pics

    • HAHAHA! My friend is still a little shaken up and I’m fairly certain my daughter is planning my untimely demise, as we speak 😉 Oh well, she really was a good sport to amuse me the way she did, lol

  1. I wish I can do that too.. hehe! You have a nice family. You all seems to be very close to each other 🙂 I am missing my family back in Philippines while checking your photos.

    • Awww… I just asked you if you were from the Philippines and now I see this. I should have read this first before asking. I’m not sure if I could handle living away from my family, even if they do drive me crazy sometimes. Actually, we’ve had several opportunities to move (with hubby’s work) and I just can’t. I told him that once my youngest is safely in college (4 years), maybe then we can think about moving. I’ve actually lived in the same house since 1989 only because it’s the house my kids know as their home and I want them to always have home to come back to. We can afford so much better now but it’s where they were raised and it makes them sad to think about losing it.

      God Bless you and your family. I hope you can visit them often but always keep them so close to your heart.

      My grandbabies live in Virginia, 14 hours away from here and it kills me to only see them once or twice a year. I don’t know how other people do this living apart thing but I respect you for doing what’s best for you and your husband! (((HUGS)))

      • Oh, thats so sweet of you to give me hug. Yeah, its really hard. My husband would just always remind me that i can go back anytime i want. Ofcourse, it will also make me sad leaving him behind since he has work and bills to pay over here. Well, one day we might move over there and have a vacation over here when the weather is good. I love families that are so close together. It reminds me of mine. God bless to your whole family:)

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