First – Play by the Rules and then…. FORGET the Rules.

Today is the day I see my piano instructor.  You know what?  Not much practicing went on this week and I’m Veeeery scared to go!  I learned the coupe of pieces in just 2 days and it sounds pretty good BUT….  I’ve not bothered to learn theory and have’t much cared to practice my scales 😦

This is pretty much how I know I will look to my Piano Nazi today.

I need to remember this!

Must first learn to play by the rules and THEN you can play with your heart….  but what if I’d rather to play by/with my heart?  Never been much of a rule follower.

pretty much!

Play your feelings 🙂

Off here to make sure it REALLY sounds the way it should so I can move onto something that makes me FEEL.


8 thoughts on “First – Play by the Rules and then…. FORGET the Rules.

  1. I can read music, but I have found it much more satisfying in the end when I write, sing, or play to just play from my heart. If my heart isn’t in it, it doesn’t feel right.

    • Yeah, I think I’m the same way. I love music and I can read it too but sometimes I hear it a different way in my head than it’s written. lol And the way I hear it is the way I think it SHOULD be played. Ah well, everything turned out fine and I NAILED both pieces (the ones I had to quickly learn) so I guess I did okay. Just hate when I’m not feeling the music 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Glad to have you!

  2. In my previous life, I was a piano teacher. And not everyone does their theory and scales, but I was always happy when people felt the “pressure” to do SOME practicing. Also, as a musician, I find that the more I work with a piece of music, the more I begin to feel it. It’s kind of like, you have to get to know someone before you’re really friends. 🙂

    • OMG! I didn’t know you were a piano teacher! SO cool. Did anyone call YOU the Piano Nazi? lmbo

      It’s funny because when my own children were playing an instrument or in voice lessons, I absolutely forced them to practice AT least a half hour a day, more likely an hour. When I was growing up, I played for 8 years and practiced at least a half hour a day and I loved the different scales and chords. I’d practice scales and chords for a half hour before going on to the pieces. I think I’m getting lazy in my old age! lol

      You’re right though because I actually nailed the pieces. I felt it once I ad it under control. She thinks I’m good enough that she gave me 3 fairly difficult pieces and some MAJOR theory to learn in one week. MAYBE I’ll do what I’m told this week…. but I like the pieces a whole lot better than I did last week.

      Thanks for your input! I loved your analogy of getting to know someone before you’re friends. lol

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