Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


“old and young kiss”

This is me (old) and my 28 year old daughter (young).  Loved this day!  We were on a carriage ride around the Mississippi River (well part of it!) on the St. Louis Arch grounds.


When she loved her mama 😦  Taken last April in St. Louis.

Our weekend, good and bad, in Pics :-) SO much fun!

Awesome weekend!  As much as I hate coming home to reality, it was SO worth it!  As I’ve said before in THIS post,  the hubby and I have been celebrating our anniversary and Valentines Day since before we were even married.  We’d forgotten that we actually had to lie and say we were married just to be able to go 12 years ago.  The rules were (back then) that it was for married couples only.  We FELT married, so we went….  Did I tell you that I was never much of a rule follower?  lol


On the way to the Trout Lodge, Hubby tells me that he felt SO bad because he knew I was expecting flowers but he didn’t have time to order any.  I knew he was lying and, turns out he was.  lol  He knew I’d told him before that he didn’t have to order roses all the time, it gets boring.  THIS time, he ordered something that helped commemorate the ten years that we’ve been married.  Did you know that TIN actually is the metal that represents 10 years?  Hubby made sure he ordered something that came in tin or aluminum.  Cute, huh?

(here’s a pic of the dining room mantle….  I’m FINALLY learning how to work my fancy new camera!  lol)


The first night there was sad, but relaxed.  Sad because a couple that had been going for years (like us) were there.  The wife was in a wheelchair and she was given 6 to 8 weeks to live (cancer).  At dinner time, we witnessed her go into seizures and everyone rushing to her with oxygen.  They laid her on the ground in the rescue position so I knew something was very wrong.  It was all low keyed because the YMCA didn’t want to ruin anyone elses weekend so we really didn’t know how serious it was.  I felt SO much conviction to pray over this woman (and TRUST me, I’m not the kind of person to do this kind of thing…. I’ll pray a quiet prayer and NOT make a spectacle of myself).  I fought and fought with myself, but in the end, God won out and I walked over to ask her poor husband if I COULD lay my hands on her and pray.  I’m Catholic, folks!  Catholics don’t DO these kinds of things.  However, given the fact that SO many people are praying for my own terminal condition, I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I’d not listened to God’s very loud nudging.  I’m glad I did.  Her husband cried and hugged me, thanking me from the bottom of his heart.  I was the ONLY person who walked up to him (besides the people he came with) to show concern.  I know that not a lot of people feel comfortable with a public display of prayer and I can’t blame them.  What I can NOT understand is why, when people see something like this, they don’t go outside the box and show love or concern?  I can’t tell you how many people came up to me later to say “thank you” and that they WANTED to do the same thing but were afraid.  DON’T be too afraid to hug someone or to ask if you can do something for them.  It might be YOU one day who’s in this situation.  Pats on the back make me uncomfortable but I’m SURE glad I did something for the man.  I knew, as soon as I laid my hands on her that she was not going to be okay.  I felt it.  I knew my prayers would reach God but they’d be more for her husband.  As it turned out, I was right.  She was flown by helicopter to a good hospital and placed on life support.  All she wanted was ONE LAST WEEKEND with her husband.  It makes me so sad and angry that she couldn’t have her weekend.


Here’s me BEFORE the tragedy in the dining room.


Next… we decided to walk down to the lake and join in on some “romantic music by the bonfire”…  LMBO  Maybe NOT so romantic.  The singer only knew Willie Nelson songs and NOT well.  PLUS there was an old hippie couple that were trying to sing loudly, all the wrong words and as off key as you can get.  Cute, but after a while, we just had to leave.  lol


This is Hubby by the campfire.  LOVED the way this turned out!


Here’s me and Hubby snuggled up by the campfire.  The cool thing was that even though it was single digit cold and the windchill was FRIGID, the YMCA workers supplied blankets and coffee and hot chocolate.


Here’s the YMCA worker that kept our campfire hot 🙂  He’s a cutie!  He’s here from somewhere out west, working on his recreation degree.  They get to stay for free, in a cabin, as long as they work at the Y.  He’ll be here until May.  Sounds like a fun job to have!


This is the view from our balcony.  Not such a bad way to wake up, huh? I had my coffee and just outside in the FREEZING cold, trying to learn that dang camera!  lol


After breakfast, Ben and I went on a little walk.  We ended up in the Tee Pee, trying to get warm.  The original plan was to stay there and make Valentines cards.  We decided that THAT didn’t sound like much fun so we left…  SO wishy washy!


Here’s me inside the tee pee, taking advantage of the warmth!




We TRIED to go on a hike on Saturday.  It was so cold that I whimped out and had to turn around and go back.  Along the way, I did get some good shots of the lodge, it’s self.


This is a pic of the woods BEFORE I whimped out!  lol  Not sure why I love this but I do.  It’s kind of spooky to me and I wouldn’t mind seeing how this turns out on canvas:-)

Me playing Dominos. 2013

Ben's looking a little aggrivated at me!  lol

We gave up on the outdoor activities and decided to play dominos!  He kicked my butt, as usual.  I’m going to learn ONE day, not to bet against this man.  He will ALWAYS win.  BTW… I’m a sore loser.  BUT, I did pay up!  lol


After Dominos, Ben and I did the wine and cheese tasting.   GREAT shot of this random stranger shoveling it in, huh?  lmbo  Ben looks like he’s going to stab this guy with his “kabob”.  BTW…  the YCMA provided all the cheese, several different fondues and lots of fruit and snacks for dipping.  We could have all the free wine we wanted.  You have to TASTE a lot in order to make a good decision on what the perfect bottle to buy is, right?  lol

Candle light dinner, view from 5th floor.  2013

View of the dining room from our floor.  It’s set up for the candle light dinner on Saturday night.

The dining room decorations for 2013

Dining room decorations hanging from the ceiling.


Here’s the lady who serenaded us with wedding music all the way through dinner.  Can you see Ben yelling at me to COME ON because he’s holding the elevator for too long and he didn’t want it to keep beeping?

Me and Ben's valentine pic.  2013

Me and the Hubby before our candlelight dinner 🙂


Cute little table decorations.  The YMCA staff actually made these candle holders for every table out of wood they found on hiking trails.


Our little dinner.  It was DELICIOUS this year.  The prime rib was SPECTACULAR, so was everything else:-)

We danced a little after the dinner.  Not TOO much, as Ben was too hot in the sweater I made him wear.  Poor thing…  I just get SO tired of all the pictures of him in the same “old man” short sleeved shirts he likes to wear.  Why do men insist on wearing the same shirts you bought for them 10 years ago, even though they don’t fit anymore?  He’s got a closet full of NICE clothes I buy for him…  *sigh*.  lol  At least he wore SOMETHING different and tried to dance a while.  We slow danced to “My Girl” and I tried to get him to dance to “Proud Mary (Rolling on the River)”.  In the end… I was the only one dancing to Proud Mary!  lol  Well me and a bunch of other people, just not the hubby 😦

DSC_0106Beautiful sunrise at trout lodge on Sunday.  2013


Good bye Trout Lodge!  See you in the summer when we can Kayak and swim and play sand volleyball!  This winter thing is AWESOME and even romantic but I’m getting WAY too old to enjoy the post nasal drip that comes with it!  lol

What I came back to (how MAYBE to clean burnt coffee)…..

I’m back!  Back from my awesome weekend.  I’ll post the pictures and the stories later.  I never much LIKE coming back home to reality, never the less….  I’m back. Back to teenage munchkin, who has the flu,  God love her. Back to unpacking, cleaning and most of all back to the coffee pot that I left plugged in all weekend.  Plugged in WITH coffee and vanilla syrup in it.  Why did it not burn down the house, IDK.  I can’t even scrub the coffee off the bottom of the pot.  It turned into coffee concrete!  A friend of mine told us to use salt and lemon juice to soak off the coffee rock.  Yeah….  THAT’S not working.  Now I’ve got the coffee rock heating back up with water, vinegar and salt.  PRAYING that it works because I can NOT live without coffee!  

(yeah.. I found this on the net but mine actually looks MUCH worse)


Here’s what Wiki says to do, and we’re trying it NOW!

Basically, we put 1 tsp sea salt into the coffee pot, 2 cups ice, juice of 1/4 lemon (I’m using the whole dang lemon).  You swish the water around until the ice melts and if the ice doesn’t melt, add COLD water (cause hot water will make the pot crack).  The abrasiveness of the salt and acid content of the lemon mixed with ice is SUPPOSED to take that burnt coffee right off.  Hmm…  we shall see about that!  So far…  not working:-(

It’s important that I let you all know that I’ll be fine!  Cause I’m sure you’re all worried about how I’ll live without coffee.  I have a VERY old electric percolator from my 80 (plus) year old aunt…  THANK YOU Aunt Betty, for making me take your special coffee pot when you down sized!  lol  It makes a pretty awesome pot of coffee, in case you were wondering.  lol  It looks JUST like THIS



Enjoy your Monday WordPress World!  Oh and don’t leave with the coffee pot on.  You’ll be sorry!!!!!