What I came back to (how MAYBE to clean burnt coffee)…..

I’m back!  Back from my awesome weekend.  I’ll post the pictures and the stories later.  I never much LIKE coming back home to reality, never the less….  I’m back. Back to teenage munchkin, who has the flu,  God love her. Back to unpacking, cleaning and most of all back to the coffee pot that I left plugged in all weekend.  Plugged in WITH coffee and vanilla syrup in it.  Why did it not burn down the house, IDK.  I can’t even scrub the coffee off the bottom of the pot.  It turned into coffee concrete!  A friend of mine told us to use salt and lemon juice to soak off the coffee rock.  Yeah….  THAT’S not working.  Now I’ve got the coffee rock heating back up with water, vinegar and salt.  PRAYING that it works because I can NOT live without coffee!  

(yeah.. I found this on the net but mine actually looks MUCH worse)


Here’s what Wiki says to do, and we’re trying it NOW!

Basically, we put 1 tsp sea salt into the coffee pot, 2 cups ice, juice of 1/4 lemon (I’m using the whole dang lemon).  You swish the water around until the ice melts and if the ice doesn’t melt, add COLD water (cause hot water will make the pot crack).  The abrasiveness of the salt and acid content of the lemon mixed with ice is SUPPOSED to take that burnt coffee right off.  Hmm…  we shall see about that!  So far…  not working:-(

It’s important that I let you all know that I’ll be fine!  Cause I’m sure you’re all worried about how I’ll live without coffee.  I have a VERY old electric percolator from my 80 (plus) year old aunt…  THANK YOU Aunt Betty, for making me take your special coffee pot when you down sized!  lol  It makes a pretty awesome pot of coffee, in case you were wondering.  lol  It looks JUST like THIS



Enjoy your Monday WordPress World!  Oh and don’t leave with the coffee pot on.  You’ll be sorry!!!!!


9 thoughts on “What I came back to (how MAYBE to clean burnt coffee)…..

  1. Seems logical that you could be the new kingpin of the coffee crack world…chip it, scrape it, and package it, sell it…..you could be rich $$$$$$$….all you have to do is burn 6 or 7 pots a day ….lol…lol…lol…lol…!!! !!! !!!

    • OMG! Michael, you have NO idea how much of a queen of coffee crack that I am! lmbo BTW… I still can’t get the rock off the bottom of the pot. It’s probably never going to come off 😦

  2. Good luck!!! And I hope your girl feels better, my son was sick yesterday, not fun. Even being around puke makes my stomach churn. It doesn’t matter who’s it is, I get sick to my stomach. So cleaning his up yesterday was really difficult for me, but it must be done.

    I don’t drink coffee often, it gets to my stomach now. :/ But, I know from dealing with my mom and some of my friends that coffee helps a lot and seeing what they’re like before they have it, yeah…I get it. 😉 My mom had to have her morning coffee and cigarette before you could approach her. Oi lol. I hope you get this resolved soon. 🙂

    • HAHAHA! I’m JUST like your mom! Morning smoke and coffee or, TRUST me, you really don’t want to talk to me. lmao

      I remember reading how you are being around puke! lol Poor thing. I can’t say I’m crazy about it either. Although with the condition I have, I’m sick all day long, every day of the week. I get used to it when it’s ME who’s sick. I still can’t clean someone elses puke up though. When they’re babies, sure I could do it because there WAS only me to do it. If I had to do it now? NO WAY. NOT used to it anymore.

      Thanks for thinking of Julia. She seems to be better today. Hope your son is all better now too 🙂

  3. LOL, yeah….that’s her, “TRUST ME, you don’t want to talk to me.” I did, before learning this, and found out the hard way….WAIT! 😉

    Even cleaning up my own puke makes me sick to my stomach, ugh. Zach told me to plug my nose yesterday. I explained to him that doesn’t work lol. He’s 10, almost made him clean it up himself, but I didn’t. I think I was about 13 when I had to start cleaning up my own, I don’t know what a good age is to start doing that. Hmm?

    Zach is doing a lot better. He started to perk up a little after his puking spell, though he did fall asleep on the ride back to his dad’s. He sounded a little hoarse and definitely groggy, but already on the mend. I am glad Julia is starting to feel better. When our kids are sick, no matter how old, we worry and wish we could take their pain away.

    • HAHA! I don’t know what a good age is either! I think, depending on how sick they are, 10 is not TOO young. lmao That’s just me though and nobody ever nominated me for mother of the year! I’m pretty sure I’ve had my other older kids clean up their own before the ago of 14 (or 10 for that matter). Geesh… No WONDER I have to pay for so much counseling with them now! lol

      • I was so tempted to make him do so, especially because he seemed a lot better once he had. I mean, if he’d been extremely ill and just kept puking, had a fever, was doing nothing but being sick and/or sleeping, etc…yeah, then you step in and do it because that’s our job, to care for our kids….but if it’s a case of puking and then pretty much being fine, idk….it’d be another thing too if I could stomach it better. I try not to sound selfish, but yeah, I remember my mom getting to a point where she said, “Alright, you’re old enough to take care of this yourself.” and I just did. Maybe I’m off too lol, but yeah at some point, they have to start taking care of things on their own….little by little, growing up…..because I will certainly not be coming over when he’s 30 and cleaning up his apartment, cleaning up after him when he’s sick, etc etc lol….

      • No girl… you don’t sound off. You just sound like a realistic mama. You’d be a bad mama if you wanted to clean his apartment when he was 30 (Like the Everyone Loves Raymond Mom, as in Raymond’s mom. lmbo). Sometimes, I want my kids to need me more. They’re (all but one) grown and I’ve raised them to be so independent that they DON’T need me. I think I did my job TOO well. lol

  4. Oh goodness, if I were Debra, I’d have gone off more on that woman lol. Yeah, I want my son to be able to do for himself, as he grows so that when he’s an adult, he’s capable and independent. 🙂 Well, from the sounds of it, you did do a great job and kudos to you.

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