4 thoughts on “Embarrassing Much? You BETCHA!!

    • I saw that you had a page! I’m SO happy that you do but can’t figure out why you can’t see the set up page. You have to go and pick out a theme like I did. Let me look around and fb you the set up page that I find. I know it looked confusing at first (and some things I still can’t figure out) but it had to be easy if I figured it out! lmbo

      If worse come to worse, I can ask Lindsay what to do and have her link you to the right set up page.

      Love you Kristine and thanks for coming over with us!!!

  1. I just had a dream about this, well sans the amazon purchase and it happening more than once. I hope it stays in dreamland.

    • Oh Nooooo! Did you have the dream BEFORE you saw this post or after you read it? Either way, I hope it stays in dreamland too cause it sure is embarrassing when your card is placed on the “freeze” list.

      You should never have to worry about Amazon and it’s a shame that now I do. You know, Amazon it’self, has NEVER been a problem for me, it’s my bank, for some reason. The weird thing is that the bank never USED to have a problem with Amazon, so why now? IDK. Oh well, hope you dream about something that DOESN’T give you a panic attack tonight! lol Thanks for stopping by!

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