Music Tuesday! Me and my piano :-)

By now, all of my friends know that Tuesdays are my piano lessons with my Russian Piano Nazi.  I’ve written enough about her and I think most people can forgive me all my political INcorectness!   In my defense, she really IS Russian and I COULD be right about the whole Nazi thing.  lol  In reality,  I actually really am starting to like this girl.  My main problem was that she’s 20 and I’m 46.  While I’m VERY willing to give credit where credit is due, even to someone who’s younger than most of my wardrobe, I have a hard time explaining to her that my fingers don’t work like they used to work. She just doesn’t get it.  It’s okay.  I’m going to break her if it’s the last thing I do!  Maybe she’ll learn to love my excuses?  That’s what I’m hoping.

I’ve complained before that I’m just not FEELING the music that she chooses for me.  I realize I need to learn theory and there’s a variety of pieces that can help me achieve this.  I can’t complain if I don’t want to put the work into it, right?  THIS week, I put the work into it! YAY me!  Here’s how it’s been going;  She’ll pick out a couple of pieces and a whole lot of theory and finger strengthening exercises and I’ll learn them and more.  This week was no exception.  She’s been telling me that I’ve “nailed” it and that I can skip FAR ahead.  This week, I learned all my pieces in both books AND a couple of pieces she didn’t assign.


new music came today and not a second too soon!


Now THIS, my piano instructor will be SO excited about!  She’s been making me do exercises where I spend a half hour each day clapping and stomping out the time because I didn’t use a metronome.  lol  I felt like I knew how the song should sound (at least in my OWN head) so why did I need one of these?  I’m a little scared of this thing….

I’m just getting bored with the music.  FINALLY, my Amazon order came in with my new sheet music!  AND my metronome.  I’m SO very excited and can’t wait to start learning.  They look a little too easy though.  We’ll see.

I’m off here to go start having some fun 😉


11 thoughts on “Music Tuesday! Me and my piano :-)

    • Oh I wish she did! lol No, I actually brought all my own music yesterday and no luck! She chooses music from John Thompson’s lesson plan and then some adult contemporary book with chords and theory. I even learned 2 songs that she didn’t assign me yet and she says I nailed them but STILL wouldn’t let me choose what I wanted.

      I think the problem is that I’ve had 8 years of piano and this is all coming back to me too easily… She just wants me to get it into my head timing. And technique. I can read timing and technique but am having issues with applying them. lol I can do everything fast. She makes me slow the temp WAY down because she says it sticks in your head more if you slow down. It’s a LOT harder to play slow. It takes more control. Yuk.

      So you’re lucky. It sounds like your teacher wants you to enjoy what you do. Mine is a concert pianist (and sings for a music co. and the ballet) and I’m wondering if she wants me to enjoy it. lol I’m not striving to be a concert pianist or majoring in music. I just want to play 🙂

  1. Yeah, do you think she would allow you to choose any of the music you learn? It couldn’t hurt to ask, unless you already have?

    • HAHA! Funny you should mention that! I took a HUGE stack of books yesterday and showed her that I nailed 2 pieces that I wasn’t supposed to learn yet. Timing was perfect and so was technique. STILL she’s making me stick with a book that is SO stupid. I pretty much begged her to not do this to me. lol She’s a concert pianist who’s also a singer for a university music company and the ballet. She’s strict and I think she thinks at 46, I want to also be a trained concert pianist! lmbo

      This week, I’m going to try and do what she told me to but also do what I want. There’s no law against playing what I want in my own house, right? She’s not here with her whip.

      • Right! Practice what she wants you to and dazzle her, but play what you want to as well, make yourself happy, enjoy what you’re playing…

      • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing a bit ago while I was practicing. It really puts me to sleep, the pieces she wants me to play. I’m sure (hopefully) she has a rhyme or a reason but if I hate it, what’s the point? I decided to spend a half an hour doing what she wants me to do and then I’ll spend another half hour learning what I want to do 😉

        Do you play?

      • Sounds good to me! I can read music, well the treble clef anyway. I have played a little here and there, but was never serious. I played violin and cello for quite awhile as a kid and also took up the flute for awhile. Now, I just sing and write. I do miss playing an instrument though.

      • Sounds like you’re VERY musical to have played all that you have. I’ve always wanted to sing (and I DO in the shower and in the car to embarrass my daughter… lmbo). I don’t think the world’s ready for my fantastic voice! bawahahahahahaaaaaa

      • One might say that music flows in my veins and has since childhood. 😉 Playing, singing, writing lyrics, just appreciating it….it’s helped me through a lot over the years. 🙂

  2. You are a patient woman. I play just to enjoy the sound of it. Sure I could be better, but I have so many other things in life I’m interested in. I’m happy to be mediocre or adequate in some areas so I can enjoy other things. More power to you and your persistence! hang in there!

    • Awww! Thanks for being so sweet 🙂 I’m actually the least patient person I know! lmbo I’m beginning to wonder why I don’t do things YOUR way. I just wanted to play again because I gave it up about 30 years ago and I remembered my mind being so free when I played as a girl. It really IS a cheap form of therapy! lol Not to get into something too heavy or personal, I gave it up after a tragedy and hadn’t touched it after that. I’ve always HAD a piano in my home, but I literally forgot (or thought I did) everything I’d ever learned. I guess once I took that mental block off a few months ago, I realized I didn’t forget anything. I was just rusty.

      I told her, yesterday, that I’m not trying to be a concert pianist, like she is. I just want it to sound okay. I guess once I get to the point where I feel like I know enough, I’ll goof around and quit lessons. Maybe just play like you do. For the fun of it, I mean.

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