Tested, tried and STILL here…. Happy Anniversary Baby!

Yesterday, February 22, marked our 10th anniversary!  We didn’t think it was possible for EITHER of us to make it to 10 years.  Actually, we’ve been together for 12.  Like I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t our FIRST rodeo!  For me, I never seem to make it past the 7 year itch.  lol  I’m feeling accomplished and SO happy that I lived to see this day.

I wasn’t predicted to live another 6 months in 2008.  In fact, every year that passes, my team of doctors are amazed that I’m still here.  Now, with an upcoming intestine transplant, they’re giving me even less time.  Life is precious and we try to celebrate every chance we get.  The hubby wants SO BADLY to take me on another cruise before we undergo more medical procedures.  I’m not very sure that I’ll be able to go on a cruise because once you’re put on a transplant list, you have to stay close to home in order to wait for that call.  The call that tells you to jump on a plane and get there immediately.  We can’t get a call like that if we’re in another country or on the ocean.

For now we’ll celebrate close to home and with little things.Image

Note from Ben that says:  10 years!  Are you freaking KIDDING me?


I was not expecting more flowers!  He’d already given me 2 beautiful bouquets this month!  I have the most romantic husband in the world, I think.

Our wedding song turned out to be prophetic.  It makes me cry every time!

Love Is All by Marc Anthony

When you hold me like this
so many memories fill my eyes
the first time we kissed
the times we nearly said good-bye
but still here we are
tested and tried and still true
and stronger than we ever knew


Love is all
the laughter and the tears that fall
the mundane and the magical
love is all
all is love
the careless word, the healing touch
the getting and the giving of
all is love
there’s a me you’ve always known
the me that’s a stranger still
the you that feels like home
and the you that never will
but still here we lie
tender and trusting and true
with everything that we’ve been through

Repeat Chorus

All the glory
all the pain
all the passion
that turns to ashes
only to rise again

Love is all
the laughter and the tears that fall
the mundane and the miracle
love is all
all is love
the careless word, the healing touch
the getting and the giving of
all is love


11 thoughts on “Tested, tried and STILL here…. Happy Anniversary Baby!

  1. Congratulations! A decade is an awesome milestone. We have several medical miracles in my family (one lived 40 years after her doctor given “expiration date” and another that received a double lung transplant). If there’s anything I’ve learned from both of them, is that attitude is everything!

    • That’s FANTASTIC news about your family’s expiration dates! lmbo I laugh because I always tell people that nobody knows or can say what our expiration dates are. I’m SO SO SO happy to hear other people’s survival stories! Thank you for sharing that with me 🙂

      I believe 100% what you said about attitude. My team of doctors say that I’m alive because of sheer will and attitude. Our minds are an amazing organ AND our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, if you leave them alone and LET them. I’m not a health not. Far from it. I just believe in common sense and sometimes, giving your body a chance to heal on it’s own instead of making it undergo more and more surgery.

      • I agree. All of my doctors jump into that surgery bandwagon at a moment’s notice and make me feel like my condition is worse than it is.

        My great-grandmother was in her 40s when the doctors at City of Hope diagnosed her with colon cancer gave her a few months to live. She told the doctor, “I’M NOT THAT SICK!” and he assured her she was. She had just had her first grand baby and she was going to stick around, so she sought out new treatments. That’s when she found a radical new treatment called “chemo therapy” and a wonderful doctor that was a Polio survivor. He treated the whole family for years.

        I really wish she had written all this down. Her stories were amazing!!

      • Wow. I wish she would have written it down too. Makes me realize I should probably do the same. Do you mind me asking you what’s wrong that you have surgeons? My story is knid of almost opposite of yours. There USED to be SO much surgery to remove blleding ulcers because I was bleeding to death and they couldn’t get it to stop. NOW, they don’t want to touch me for fear of death. Every time they do even a little time, I’ve A.) died on the table and it’s taken a lot of work to bring me back, which apparently makes even the hardest of hearts (my surgeon) sad and upset. OR B.) I’ve perferated and that’s almost worse than dying on the table. They’re trying to see if I’m a good candidate for an intestinal transplant and so far, I’m not. I guess the important thing is that I’m still here and active… I’m wasting away to nothing and look like a bag of bones but my spirit won’t die and if you met me, you’d think nothing was wrong, judging by the way I act.

        I think you should write about your family. There HAS to be more people like me that your story would inspire. I sure do appreciate you telling me this though 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been reading through your posts and am so happy to find you happily married.

    I believe the reason you are still alive even though the doctors didn’t give you much time is that God has a really big plan for your life. There’s a reason you’re still alive. I’m praying for you, that He heals you, that your daughter comes back.

    Blessings friend!

    • I believe the same thing you do… I know there’s a BIG reason for me, whether it’s to minister to other people or for my daughters OR maybe even something completely different. IDK yet. I know that through the years, when all this started, I’ve put my faith in God and was willing to go through whatever God wanted me to, I’ve asked for prayer and so many people prayed and saw God’s faithfulness. They also knew that I wouldn’t be alive if not for God. It’s even touched my team of doctors and nurses. You know how doctors, as a general rule, don’t really believe in anything but “science”. My surgeon came to me in intensive care after I woke up from an “induced” coma and told me that he’s starting to believe that I’m still alive because of divine intervention. He’d had to bring me back to life during one of my surgeries and knew I shouldn’t be alive. There was really no medical reason why I should have lived. It was my spirit that they say nothing can kill. I just tell them that either I still have a job God wants me to do or that the devil doesn’t want me! lol I think it’s so awesome to see God work and if I can be that vessel, so be it.

      Anyway, thank you SO very much. Glad to call you a friend 🙂 Oh and I ALWAYS say a prayer for everyone, individually, who says they’re praying for me. So, you my friend, will ALSO be prayed for. It’s the only thing I can do to keep that chain of love going!

      • God is so good! You have a great attitude on it all! Love it! 🙂

        Thanks for the prayers. We could all use them! 🙂

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