Most Inspiring Blogger Award!


I feel SO unworthy, yet appreciative 🙂  Carissa, who writes on ramblingsofabipolarwoman, nominated me.  You should TOTALLY go check her out.  Why?  Because she’s honest and doesn’t beat around the bush.  She writes about things that would shock most people and you might raise your eyebrows because she’s an open book.  Hers is the only kind of blog I actually enjoy following because I don’t feel like she’s lying to me or sugar coating anything.  Her feelings are real and I’ve learned from them.  I’m actually mad that I wasn’t the one who nominated her!  lol  I’m new to blogging though so I wouldn’t have known how to do it anyway.

Here are the rules:  I’m supposed to post a pic of the award (which I did) and link back to the person who nominated me (check).

Now I have to share 8 facts about myself:

  1. My name is really Michelle
  2. I love the water.  I love the sound of rushing water or the sound of a creek babbling.  I love to be anywhere near the water during the summer or winter.
  3. I was born on April 10, 1966 (3’oclock), Easter Day and my dad said I was the “rottenist egg” he ever received from the Easter Bunny!  lol
  4. My brother was born on April 10 (3’oclock) 1967.  I believe he was my twin who forgot to be born a year earlier with me.  Weird about the date and time, eh?
  5. I became a mom, the first time, at the age of 17.
  6. I graduated from HS 9 1/2 mos pregnant.
  7. I LOVE to travel and see new things.
  8. I have been diagnosed with a terminal condition 8 years ago and have survived anyone’s predictions….  however, the grim reaper won’t stop trying to come for me and I need an intestinal transplant to keep living.  

Next:  I’m going nominate some people for The Most Inspiring Blogger Award.  When I nominate you, you will do the same as me and go through the steps.  I can’t wait to read all the facts about you!

So, stop by these awesome blogs and share with us what you like 🙂  The people I nominated need to nominate the bloggers they’re inspired by and then notify those people with a link back to their page.  Be sure and display the blogger award on your page so everyone knows how awesome you are!  lol  I have SO many more people who inspire me, but in the interest of time, I’ll stop here.

19 thoughts on “Most Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Hi Michelle congratulations on getting this award. I really am inspired by how you persistant you work to come so far. Best of luck with your intestinal transplant. I’m rooting for you. I’ve been living with spinal injury since the 15th of December 2011 and I know hard it can be. You can do it 🙂 Your friend, Lucas

    • Awww! Thank you Lucas! That means so much to me! Do you mind me asking what caused your spinal injury and if you’re able to be mobile at all? My brother, had he survived the car accident, would have lived with SO much spinal injury. He would have been a paraplegic.

      Whatever the extent of your injury, remember there is a REASON you’re here and your job isn’t done yet. It sounds like you’re a tough person to be where you are and know this already. I’m looking forward to reading more about you! (((HUGS)))

      • Hey Michelle,

        I don’t mind at all. Thank you for your curiosity, care and concern.

        I got injured really bad whilst playing basketball. I jumped up for a rebound as I thought the person next to be was getting the rebound too, but he didn’t. He ran horizontally into me as i was in the air (I use to jump an average of 3.5 to 4 feet in the air, this made it worst as I had no leverage in the air). His shoulders hit the back of my thighs, and it flipped me over his shoulders and landed on the concrete. I didn’t even roll. My spine hit first.

        I fractured a couple bones (spinal cord), injured muscle, peripheral nervous system, lost feeling, couldn’t move my left leg and was in tremendous pain 😦 The doctor said it was the same extent of injury from a car crash, or a person jumping out a building.

        This is a really rare case. The spinal injury is called lumbosacral plexus injury (my main injury). My other injuries include torn bone, muscle and nerve from my spine to my hip, my hip muscle and my quad muscles.

        Feel free to ask me anything. I’m happy to share 🙂

        Your friend,

      • Oh Lucas! That hurt just reading about it! I read this to my husband and he was able to make me picture what you were saying. This is SUCH a freak accident! Who would think that one day, you’re just playing a basketball game and in one second, your life changes? How badly does it hurt now? Were they able to fix you well enough that you can walk again? This is horrible BUT there’s a reason, like I said. I think people like you are here to inspire others. I know you just inspired the heck out of ME! Wow. God bless you! (((hugs))) I jut wish something I could say would take some of the pain away but you seem to have such a fantastic attitude! THAT’S what’s so inspiring.

      • It was such a freak accident, but it came with good lessons. This is better learnt sooner than later. My life has drastically changes and I am currently invalid to work. I was working as a sports performance coach, but now I am a recovering patient. Life has a great way of working out for all of us, and I hope I find my path soon. I still feel pain even when I sleep. Since I’ve had a lot of improvement, normal pain is normal a wound where I’m stabbed. If it gets worst I feel a sharp and merciless stab going from my back to my leg. At least for physical stabbing it has to be pulled out, this stays there until I have a good nights rest, so it varies. It might take 1 day, 2 weeks or even a month… You are so kind to want to take the pain away, but I would never wish it on anyone I care about.

        Your friend,

      • After I wrote my last comment to you, I stopped by your blog and read everything. I just have no words for how inspiring you are. What a fantastic attitude. You’re someone who I think inspires anyone who meets you or hears of you. Wow.

  2. You touched my heart in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Thank you for the praise! And just remember, Michelle, you DO deserve this. 🙂 Weird fact about you and your brother by the way, funny how stuff works, eh? Weird fact, my dad and I have the same birthday. I hope your day is going well!

    • That’s pretty special that you and your dad share the same bdays! My surviving brother (not the one who was born on my bday) always felt left out because J and I shared bdays. He was always sad when his bday would role around and he had no brother or sister to share it with. Then, when he turned 22, his daughter was born on HIS bday. Weird. Now, my bday buddy has been gone since 1985 (he was 18 when he died) and my little brother has always had his bday buddy for most of his adult life. I just think that’s pretty cool. Hope you and your daddy are as close!

      Thank you SO much for everything. You’re a pretty awesome and amazing person.

      • Unfortunately, my dad and I have never been close. We have shared a moment or two, but for the most part, it’s been a rocky relationship. I may blog on that sometime. Either way, it is still cool to share a birthday with him. He’s born 12/18/1952 and me on 12/18/1978….just think that’s nifty. I am sorry you lost your brother and that he died so young. *hugs* It is cool that your other brother and his daughter share a birthday, pretty awesome!!! I hope they make it special! Thank you for the compliments and know that the sentiments are returned. I think you’re pretty amazing too!

      • Oh indeed, the stories I have to tell could take me a lifetime. 😉 And, I look forward to getting to know you better through your stories as well.

    • I can’t wait to read it. You’re WAY too sweet to include me in the list of good bloggers. lol You know, when I first started blogging with wp about a month or so ago, yours was one of the first blogs I ran across and I loved how personal you made your food blog. I just enjoyed reading it and have enjoyed making a few of your dishes also 🙂

      • Thanks so much! I take it as a great compliment coming from you! I honestly have been having a lot of fun and always trying to find ways to post more interesting recipes and topics to unleash all the creativity lol! So thanks so much and I hope you continue reading future posts as I will do for your wonderful blog 🙂

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