And the black smoke has changed to white!!!!

As a Catholic, I’m SO excited to witness, from my living room, that we have a new pope!  Who will it be?  Looks like we’ll find out in around an hour.

The Sistine Chapel has now released the “white smoke”.  This should go on for several minutes and the bells are ringing!

Secretly, I’m hoping that the new pope will be Timothy Dolan from St. Louis (my hometown). What an awesome and loving leader he’d be!

How can you NOT be infected by his humor and REALNESS?  Love to hear him laugh but more importantly, I think that the people NEED someone to lead who can relate to us and our concerns.

Whatever the outcome, I’m certain that we’ll have the outcome that GOD has ordained for our church.  Soon we will have the name of the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church!


22 thoughts on “And the black smoke has changed to white!!!!

  1. Just got a bunch of texts and emails from friends.
    Just turned over to Sky News.
    Half an hour till the new pope make his entrance to the world .

    Exiting times for Catholics all over

    • It’s quite a thrill, for sure! You’re Catholic too, right? Who are you betting on? From St. Louis, most of us are routing for Timothy Dolan. lol He really IS such a REAL person. But God’s will be done.

      • ok. please try and understand this..
        I was raised Catholic on my Mum’s side.
        Her mum, my Gran was Catholic, but a VERY angry catholic. So I turned away from religion at a young age. I have never told this story before.
        But I do still believe in God. So I guess I am walking the road to God all over again. I stand by no religion. Just God, love, light, happiness and friendship and family.
        I hope you can understand all that?

        Shaun x

      • Hey! No reason to feel you have to explain. Once again, you blow me away because my story could be the same. My mother was a VERY angry Catholic and now she’s an atheist. Go figure. I turned away from the church too but still follow some of their teachings. I actually don’t go to a Catholic church because I was SO disillusioned by a priest and a nun when I was growing up. NOW, I know they were only human and were wolves in sheep’s clothing. What happened wasn’t from God. It happened because of my twisted mother and these twisted people who say they’re men and women of God. Hope that made sense.

        But my roots will always be Catholic. I don’t and never will judge other people. Personally I don’t believe that God can actually be found in ANY church. Sometimes, I find God while walking in the woods or camping on the lake, under the stars. All you have to do is listen and you’ll hear him. Everyone has a personal choice to make and far be it from me to be the judge of anyone elses conscious. I have a hard enough time taking care of MY self! lol

        Sorry to ramble 🙂

      • No Ramble here, just more fantastic debate.
        Yeah we share similar stories.

        Over here the “RUMOUR” is several Catholic priests walked away from the Church, the Archbishop (The UK’s main Catholic leader) quit also. Same week as the Pope. The “RUMOUR” I am hearing it is a sex scandal story about to hit the press and do MORE Damage to the Catholic Church.
        There is a HUGE sex scandal in the UK just now, from ex Politicians, and TV people from the 70’s and 80’s, google it, you will see. It is DISGUSTING!! Today this broke. Same era. A man called Jimmy Savile, who is dead did a show for Kids and molested over 3,000 kids it turned out, and it was a BIG gang of Peadophiles in the UK who thought they were untouchable by the Law. Now they are getting hailed in one at a time. Each week we hear of a new personality we all grew up watching on TV being arrested. GOOD!! I say. Fuck the lot of them.
        It leads to 10 Downing Street this story and further afield. I will leave it there, as it REALLY is about to explode and the Catholic Church from Ireland to the UK to Europe look like they were involved. I will tell you more when we Skype. It is SICK…
        But people are people, and we never know who is sick in the mind. You are correct, twisted people are all over.

        I knew you would understand, and I did also.


      • I’ve heard about the children’s show guy! Sick F-er. People like they are will have a very special place in HELL, I believe. I KNOW there’s a scandal with why all these priests are walking away the same time the old pope stepped down. I told my husband (who is NOT Catholic) then that he should mark my words… I knew the pope wasn’t stepping down because he was old and sick. I had people tell me that I’m just paranoid. Turns out I was right. I’ll have to go check out the link here in a second to see what you’re talking about.

        You know the thing that amazes me is how do the Catholics get so much publicity with this Pope thing? I mean, the president of the USA doesn’t get this kind of coverage. I admit that I’m falling straight into it and I was sitting on the edge of MY seat waiting for the announcement but I still don’t get it. Apparently Catholics have more power than ANY political leader. Money equals power though. You’d just think with all the embarrassment they’ve suffered with all these sex scandals, the church’s power would have been diminished. Not so and I’m positive it’s because of the amount of money that backs them.

      • This is a subject that WILL cause heated debate. The Catholic Church is the richest thing on Earth. They pay no tax.
        No God I follow will need my money, surely?
        It is a subject here in Scotland that causes wars and death. Catholic v Protestant. The HATRED is VILE and it is something I stay well clear away from. It is mainly in the West of Scotland, I am South East. So “Touchy Subject”
        But I just see it for what IT IS. Not what I want it to be, or to fit my agenda. Sadly many do. I am PERFECTLY positioned to discuss this. I am in the most hateful place on EARTH when it comes to the subject matter. Glasgow is a hot bed for it. The IRA, The UVF and all inbetween have killed in the name of GOD! For me, that is no way to love god.
        If I am wrong, ANYONE can come into this debate and call me wrong. Love it to happen, As I will out debate them.

        Shaun x 🙂

      • Wow. I’m amazed that there are still paces on earth where people kill in the name of religion. I knew a little about the NRA but not much. I feel like I must live in a little bubble and I’m not going to lie, I like it that way. Here, where I live, Protestants don’t LIKE Catholics but are tolerant. The worst thing I’ve experienced was going to a Southern Baptist church of my husband’s family. We were in Texas and the Sunday school teacher started talking about how the Catholics were going to hell and so is he pope. WHOA….. I almost blew a gasket and EVERYONE got to hear about it. This guy just assumed I was southern baptist because my husband is. Anyway, I could go on and on about that but I think the important thing is that I’ve never heard a Catholic bash another religion INSIDE church. lol

        You’re absolutely right though. No God would approve of the killing in HIS name. That’s called organized religion. That’s NOT of God. I guess I need to read up on what’s going on in this world. I didn’t know that Scotland was the most dangerous place on earth for religious wars. See! That’s what I need you for, to teach me all these things I probably don’t really want to know cause it will scare me.

      • I should perhaps rephrase…a little.
        In the “Developed word, in the West” Scotland is the worst for religious sectarianism. It is VERY BAD. Try telling that to them, they don’t see it. As they are born it to it, So it is all they know. Same with me. I was born in a City that is all Culture and Festivals (Edinburgh Festival is HUGE) Millions come. We don’t have hatred, so it’s all I know. So when anyone comes across something they don’t understand or not used to, they try make sense of it. I failed, I never will, I can’t. I have friends in the West, some HATE it, if the had the money they would move. I think the Middle East there are more Deaths in the name of religion. But for a Western Country, that is classed as Developed. We fail. I will give you an example. This was a SOCCER player, A catholic, he got death threats for being a catholic. Here.

        Something huh?
        Google yourself “Sectarian hatred in West Scotland” And sit down.
        I don’t get it. I was IN IT. I was involved in it. I was trying to help stop it. I got my name on TV here: This was my Twitter name.

        This was on our main nightly news. I bailed about 2 months ago, due to the hatred. It was to much, and it was Dangerous. But may I add it is can be bad on both sides.

        Anyway, your better in a bubble that seeing this, It is a great country, if you visited you might not see it. But its all around Soccer, Glasgow Celtic (Catholic) and Glasgow Rangers (Protestant ) Two Soccer teams with 100,000 supporters each. Not everyone does Sectarian shit. But most do. UTTER HATRED..Blue is Rangers, Green and White is Celtic

        Not the best.

      • Okay, I just woke up and found this. It has COMPLETELY blown my mind! So you say you were involved in it, which side were you? I’m going to guess Rangers? Over here, we celebrate St. Patricks Day. Everyone who has even a tiny bit of Irish sports their green and white and Celtic crosses. It’s just a reason, really to get drunk and party. It’s fun though. So you’re saying that over where you’re at, if I were to brag about my Celtic blood, I’d be in trouble? That just blows my mind. It’s weird because, like you, my dad’s family is Scottish/Irish. Irish Catholic and Scottish Protestant.

        I knew these things were happening in the 80’s and it was a blood bath over there. We don’t hear much about it at all anymore. When the band U2 was popular and wrote and sang songs about the violence over there, they brought attention to what was going on. But that was the 80’s and some in the 90’s.

        But I also knew that you meant religious wars were the worst in the Western world. I know that nothing can really beat or compare to what’s going on in the Middle East or the third world countries. I’m just shocked that ANYWHERE in the Western world has this kind of violence in the name of religion. WTH??? I guess it’s never going to end. Or what do you think will have to happen for this to end?

        I’m happy to have religious freedom. We may have gun violence from time to time but nobody’s killing each other in the name of God. Makes me know how blessed I am. I’m sorry you all have to worry about this at all. No WONDER it’s a touchy subject. But just know, when I bring up religion, it’s out of my total ignorance. It’s not to cause a fight (and I know you know this). It’s because over here, it’s no big deal.

      • I was involved in it as a Writer. I was writing for Celtic FC. I am a Celtic Fan. (Catholic side) My last blog (Audio/Visual) explains it in detail, like a story book.

        Sit down and don’t eat. And I hope you can understand me, LOL. I am trying harder to be heard better. 70% or so of my followers are from USA/Canada

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