Birthday boy and other stuff :-)

What a week!  Can I just tell you that I’ve realized, this week, that I’m INDESTRUCTIBLE?  If this week didn’t kill me, NOTHING can.  Can I also share with you that one thing I’ve FINALLY gotten through my head is that I should NEVER EVER EVER get too complacent or self assured especially when it comes to my kids?  If there’s ANYTHING you’ve ever learned from me, this should be it.  I want you to know that when you FINALLY feel like you’re doing something right and that you have at least ONE kid who seems to be rolling right along on the right track,  you should probably dig a little deeper.  Or maybe you shouldn’t.  Maybe it’s a VERY good thing to live in denial.  I wish I still lived there! I’ll have to tell you about my little angel later.

Right now, I want to share with you some other fine points of my week 🙂  My husband took the week off so we’ve been bonding.  It was his birthday on Tuesday and he likes to take some of his vacation time to chill out and regroup.  He COULDN’T have known all hell would break out during this week.  *snicker*  It all actually worked out very well that he was here though, because he kept me from killing the teenage munchkin.  See, I’ve told you all before that there ARE no accidents!  It wasn’t a coincident that he took off on the week that I find out about all her shenangins.  I think that was a GOD thing.  lol  Thank you God for saving my lil precious “angel’s” life…  I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself had I REALLY wrung her neck the way I wanted to!  lol


Here’s how we celebrate birthday’s around here.  We do whatever the birthday boy wants to do. Ben LOVES his guns and he’s wanted to get me at the shooting range for a while now.  We shot his 9mm, his 357 magnum and the one I personally love shooting, the little bitty BB type gun… a 22.


I can’t say I’m really a fan of guns.  I’ve had some pretty nightmarish experiences when I was young.  I was the victim so I have PTSD when it comes to hearing gun shots.  The only way to sweeten the pot and GET me to the range was to tell me that I could learn to protect myself from those zombies that I’m positive I’ll have to learn to kill during the zombie apocalypse!  lmao  I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan:-)


Here’s the mess of guns we used to kill those zombies!


Here’s the 357 magnum that kept jamming up.  We would have been up a creek if the zombies got too close and we had to depend on THIS thing working.  Time to find a gunsmith 😉


I’m actually a really good shot (most of the time).  I’m not sure how smart my husband is for wanting to teach me to love guns.  Wise people have told him that this could be dangerous for HIS life.  I have to agree.  My temper and a gun?  Maybe NOT the smartest idea he’s had.


He had to eat this cake all by himself because he’s the ONLY one who likes coconut.  Coconut is one of the only foods that will make me gag.  Oh and fish.  I can’t even bear the smell of fish.  But it turned out pretty, huh?  It’s a 3 layer, made from scratch coconut cake.

I also made a killer filet mignon and homemade herb butter!  OMG!  It was SO good 🙂

Happy birthday Honey!  Here’s hoping for another 45 years!


10 thoughts on “Birthday boy and other stuff :-)

  1. Michelle, I am in love with you! You love to love your husband, AND you can cook!! Wow! I can just taste that Filet Mignon!!! Mmm…
    I am sooo appologizing while writing this, that I don’t make time to read all of your stories! I always look at them, and see blessings could be had, but there is also money needed to be made with the other things on my list. Even now, the cursor on this thing is not resoponding like I want it to! But I so am going to make it more of a priority to read more. I won’t read other books that claim to be self-help books, or even devotional emails that I know are beneficial. Not that I ever read the once in a great while whole articles anyway, but maybe read the first paragraph or two. But your ideas on the screen are more than satisfying in the area of blessing my heart, and I can use them during the day to bless others. So in my eyes, reading your material is just as good, if not better, as the professional devotionals and self-help books out there! Thank you for taking the time to write, and giving others the motivation and inspiration to go on!

    • Lisa… I was reading your comment and thought “Who is this lady who’s in love with me”? LMBO And then I notice it’s my little sister! I love you WAY more than you love me girl! You don’t have to read my stuff. You have me any time you want me to scream ALL my bad ideas in your ear 🙂 I’m glad, though, that I can bless somebody…. it’s usually NOT us though. hahaha

      I miss you SO much. I’m counting down the days until we can be with you guys again. YOU bless me and I love you SO very much!

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  3. Sorry but the filet mignon with herb butter AND the coconut cake look DIVINE! Yum! And as much as I am for restrictions on guns, I do believe we have the right to own them and use them, if need be, in self-defense. Hopefully handling one and also being a damned good shot (bravo, girl!) gives you some empowerment over your past. Great post!

    • HAHA! I’m not a fan of guns, like I said BUT I believe that the right to bear arms is what our country was founded on. Of course that was during the day of the wild west but still… if you’re safe and keep them away from kids, they’ll be okay. I think everything has it’s place. There are just so many CRAZY people in this world so yeah, it does kind of give me a sense of empowerment. I still don’t think I’d do the conceal and carry thing though MOSTLY because I wouldn’t be able to get it loaded quick enough to use it anyway. lol It would be dangerous if I was the one carrying the hidden gun. I could just see going into my HUGE purse and looking for my debit card at Walmart, and the gun going off accidentally. I’m not that brave yet. lol

      BTW… Those Filets were TO DIE FOR. I wish I had some right now 🙂 Everyone who tried that cake loved it. I hate coconut so I couldn’t say either way. It was pretty though 🙂

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