The Fairy Pools and Religious Hatred…

The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in Scottland

Shaun, this is the place I told you about.  Where is it in relationship to where you are?

I have a Pinterest board entitled “places I want to go one day”.  It’s kind of a “bucket list” destination or dream board.  I LOVE to travel.  It’s probably my favorite thing to do and I’ve always dreamed of going places abroad but have never been out of my country!  Well, besides Mexico.

Yesterday, I Skyped with a friend in Scotland.  It was amazing to me to be sitting on my back deck in the middle of America, listening to my birds and knowing that I was able to bring Scotland SO close to me.  My girls were laughing because of Shaun’s accent, they thought he spoke a different language!  lol  It’s strange to me that we both speak English, the King’s language, yet the dialect makes it so hard to understand.  It didn’t take me long to understand him though.  I was also impressed with how different the UK is from the USA.  The differences in religion and the extreme hatred that goes on in Western Scotland and I’m guessing in Ireland between the Catholic’s and the Protestants.  They actually KILL each other over there in the name of Religion.  THEY say in the name of God but I’m QUITE certain that God’s going to “smite” them down for killing each other in His name! For shame.  I’m Catholic, by birth, and I’m ASHAMED of the Catholic’s who would kill a Protestant in the name of our religion.

Over here, in the USA, one of the our constitutional rights is “Freedom of Religion”.  For the most part, we respect each other. Oh there’s a lot of talking behind each other’s backs.  That’s about it though.  The worst I’ve ever experienced is when I went to my husband’s family’s church in Texas.  I went to Sunday School and I was alone.  It’s a Southern Baptist Church.  The Sunday School teacher began talking about the Pope and how he’s going to go to hell and how ALL Catholic’s are probably going to go to hell.  WTF???  Don’t they know that this is the EXACT reason that people aren’t attracted to Christians?  Out of respect for my husband’s family, I didn’t create the scene I’d wanted to create.  I sat there and seethed.  Later, my husband’s family heard ALL about it.  You can trust and believe that.  Not that I was blaming them, just that I wanted them to know how wrong I felt it was for their leader to say something like he did… not to mention the “Amen’s” I heard from the rest of the Sunday school class.  “Amen’s” coming from some people I truly loved and respected.  My family told me I should have pulled the Sunday School teacher aside and tell him that I’m Catholic and didn’t appreciate what he was saying.  I SHOULD have but I knew me, and I knew that I probably would have NOT been eloquent in my speech.  I would have ripped him up, chewed him up and spit him out.  THAT wouldn’t have honored my husband’s family.  So I let it go and forgave.  Something that was difficult.

My point being that we ALL live in this world.  We’re all united in that we’re HUMAN.  It doesn’t matter what color of skin we have, if we’re male or female, it doesn’t matter what religion we are.  God made us all.  Not ONE of us is better than the other.

Now, can’t we all just get along?  Much love to all of you and have a VERY Happy Friday!

17 thoughts on “The Fairy Pools and Religious Hatred…

  1. I did visit the Isle of Skye several years ago, but I didn’t see those colors… 🙂
    Thanx a bunch of your favourite flowers for dropping by our international playground! 🙂
    Sunny greetings from France, my very best and have a pleasant Friday! 🙂

    • Aww! Thank you! I have a feeling those colors were photoshpped. I still would love to see the Fairy Pools though even without all the purple! lol Your pictures are always beautiful to me and I love seeing what you post! Happy Friday from Missouri USA!

  2. The pleasure was mine, and I had my Queen voice on as well. Had you been the Queen, that is how I would have spoken. Slowly and with each work spoken with meaning, lol. I laughed at the kids thinking I was foreign language 🙂

    I am South East (Edinburgh) here is a Map showing how far away I am from the Isle of Skye, Skye is North West.,YEy36aO7sFstCrTOYBxMkLLS4guFbiQoK9tRvxJYw5PdEuhwMle1Cm5YR8bHnYofxdymMoqe4GkKZhGr7ZlIaTvcZ2zPxSqJ7kctL43sdGeZa_u4r25jZTzmaggShQkw1ZsqsKslT_kzA7VffrOIUwegn8cRetywOH9ZFPCvxu3INXdoLkC9C-WALFxwBZ5qDCmjJgQ84YJWHnHUrS9zUxdAlKYrapLoUi4djvqt-hXTffgR4tIglAQNVxfvQ9yurcB1xA4MPupzV_Km0Sxl_sFZ5y1t65SXYd57c-hheanZYIQh&h=256&w=256 (Sorry for long link)

    The distance is (As the crow flies) 130 miles or 209.17 Kilometers. About a 4 hours drive (ish) Scotland as I said is tiny. A very small place. Only 15%/20% populated, the rest is like the photo above, and mountains and old Castles here and there 🙂 Really!! lol

    The pleasure was mine and Miss Shaun says hi 🙂
    We should catch up again sometime.

    Shaun x

    ps: Thank you for the nice messages today. Means a lot

    • HAHA! I thought you’d get a kick out of the girls thinking yo spoke a foreign language and I figured you had your Queen’s voice on! lmao I know you were on extremely good language behavior or I wouldn’t have been able to understand you at all. lol

      130 miles isn’t that much over here. I mean it would take roughly an hour and a half to get there (Fairy Pools). Have you been and if so do you ever see these vibrant colors or is this a photoshopped pic? I figured it must be photoshopped to make such color.

      We definitely WILL catch up again sometime soon! I enjoyed out conversation very much and am telling everyone who’ll listen to me about it! My Hubby says hi too! Be sure to give Mrs. Shaun a big hug and be as nice to her as you can this weekend! lol I have a feeling she puts up with a lot from you! lmao I mean that with all the love my heart can muster up 😉

      • She puts up with my nonsense well.. lol, GOOD SPOT! And yeah, loved the chat, and tell Mr You Hi also..

        As for these colours, they are real. Drive anywhere in the Highlands and the colours are breathtaking. As a kid I didn’t get it. My father would say “Look at that view son” I would be looking for something in the Sky or the Loch Ness Monster. As I got older I see what he see’s. Many countries have Beauty. Iran is a Beautiful country for example, really amazing. But I am Scottish, and I have never travelled. So this is all I know. I strive to meet and talk to as many people as I can from ALL cultures, even one’s Mr TV Man tells us to hate, and learn their culture. I spoke to someone from Iraq once. He told me his country was BEAUTIFUL once. I was once Babylon after all. I love history and the feel of history, I am sure I told you of my passion to visit the giza plateau, and stand below the great pyramid. I will get the will to travel there one day. I have to, something has been drawing me there since I was about 8 years old.

        And thank you again 🙂

      • Oh I pray you get the will to get to the pyramids!

        I’m even more blown away that these colours are REAL! I HAVE to go there now! I never would have believed they were real. Wow.

        I understand what you’re saying about when we were kids how we didn’t understand what our parents were talking about. My mom was that way. She loved nature and was in awe of natures beauty. I was bored by it. NOW I get it.

  3. Again, sorry for the long link.…3066.16534.1.16712.…0.0…1c.1.7.img.BOcHa-m14sI&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&fp=e6fc21b914b127dc&biw=1555&bih=1003

    This is Scotland away from the Cities… Our Cities don’t have huge skyscrapers. The buildings are 300/400 years old. Even the new buildings are slow, made with the same stone. Crazy. We keep tradition. BUT!! The Scotsman is the most technologicaly advanced man! We invented EVERYTHING! Check! We are able to have this conversation now and the one in Audio thanks to Scotland. We are the most inventive nation on Earth. Really. We invented the TV, Phone, Radar, etc, etc….oh and Whiskey 🙂

    • OMG! The list is HUGE I had NO idea you guys invented penicillin! Oh and the first link didn’t work. Can you resend it to me when you get a chance!

      Makes me wonder why you have so many inventions! You must be an EXTREMELY intelligent people! Here and you tried to tell me there were dumb people (like the guy shoveling snow in his kilt) in Scotland! lmao

      • HA HA ..No it was a Scotsman in Siberia !! In JUST A KILT! lol.
        And I did resend and it did not work. Open Google and type “The Highlands and Islands of Scotland” then hit Images top right. Give you hundreds of images. Hope that helps.

        And we invented tons more, that was a short list. We are a curious race. We come from Anglo Saxon blood, Vikings for me. Maybe that Blood makes us inventive? I don’t know. But I am Viking bloodline. lol. My Partner is Austrian bloodline (Eastern Europe)

  4. Sorry that last Google link was to long, google this “The highlands and islands of Scotland” This is the REAL Scotland. Google Drumchapple at you peril.. lol (Joke) x

    • I did and it amazes me how simple and beautiful it is over there! I love it and SO want to go one day. I’m thinking your dad must live near the Fairy Pools since you said he lives in the islands?

      • On that map, go to the islands top right, Orkney Island, he is on one of them hiding 😉 lol


    • It’s MY pleasure to follow you, woman! Your blog makes me smile… all the beauty you post is wonderful! Glad you liked the Fairy Pools. It’s a place I’d love to see in person one day.

      BTW… the charcoal drawings were gorgeous and so are your girls 🙂 You have real talent!

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