You Think I’m Crazy Now? Just wait….

Here’s my courtesy call (warning) to the universe…  I will be without hormones in TWO days!  Do you know what that means?  I pity the world.  I will be racked with hot flashes and a willingness to kill or devastate anyone who has the audacity to get in my path.  For REAL.

Menopause is something that shouldn’t be happening to me already.  However, due to a softball sized tumor on my ovary and some extensive damage to my uterus (9 miscarriages and 9 D & C’s plus 1 C section), it was necessary to have a hysterectomy a few years back.  My OBGYN is a man who “forgot” to mention to me the horrors of early menopause so for 2 years, I stayed somewhere between suicidal to somewhat COMPLETELY crazy.  I said and did things that where not normal for even me!  lol  I shudder to hear some of the stories that my family tells me.  Finally, one day, I thought to call my doctor who asked me if he’d put me on hormones.  “Why NO, you didn’t mention hormones, Doc”.  “Oh no, MY bad”, he says.  WTF???  I could have killed myself or someone else and he says “My bad”?  That’s it?

So he immediately put me on hormones that just barely worked but I thought it was normal.  I was a little LESS suicidal and had a few less hot flashes.  This went on for a year before I called the pharmacy who makes the hormones asking if it was normal to feel this way.  They checked the formulation that my doctor recommended and they quickly told me that this formulation couldn’t work on a MAN!  It was so weak and they should have caught it before now.  Once again, my doctor was negligent and the pharmacy had to tell him what the normal formulation should be.  Wow.

Everything seems to be okay with this prescription BUT…  Now the time is up and the pharmacy had to call the doctor to get an okay.  The good doctor won’t refill my little lifesavers.  He wants to see me in his office.  However, he didn’t call ME to tell me this, he called my HUSBAND.  Who, by the way, didn’t bother telling me until after hours and he just barely remembered to tell me THEN!

Now, you’d think the man would KNOW that his life as he knows it is over, right?  NO.  He’s completely clueless.  I asked him “what about CRAZY don’t you understand?”.  It’s going to take me 2 weeks to get in to this damn doctor and then it’s gong to take another week for the pharmacy to MAKE the prescription and get it down to the actual pharmacy that I use.  It’s a special formulation.  The BEST case scenario would be that I have my hormones in 3 weeks!!!!  Even my young 14 year old daughter AND her friends are making arrangements to vacate the primises!  What I’m trying to say is that MAYBE my husband should have reacted with a little more urgency than to even wait a day to tell me to make an appointment with my idiot doctor.

What are my hopes and dreams for these next few weeks?  First, I hope my husband has enjoyed his life, up until now.  I hope my child finds a safe place to hide.  AND my #1 wish is that by the time I see my OBGYN, I will be completely whacked out and he reaps the benefits from his decision to NOT refill my prescription!

So there’s my courtesy warning and I just want to say also that it’s been wonderful having you all for friends…  I feel the love NOW, mostly because I still have 2 little hormone pills left.  Moral of the story?  If you have a medication that life as you know it DEPENDS on, maybe you should notice when it’s going to expire and take action LONG before it becomes critical.  Once again, my oblivion and procrastination did NOT pay off.  lol


44 thoughts on “You Think I’m Crazy Now? Just wait….

  1. OMG, my husband keeps close tabs on my “meds” he does NOT want me to run out. I have not had any surgeries to alter things, but I take after my grandmother who had menopause very early. That is ok because taking after her also meant that my longest labor in four babies was 8 hours.
    I use herbal supplements and it works great, keeps me level- or as level as I get!
    So, I hope all goes well and I think I would be shopping for a new Doc! I think this should make for some interesting posts, LOL. 🙂

    • Well you must have one very smart husband! GOOD for you! lol Mine? Like I said… clueless. I’ve been with him for 12 years and when I WAS having periods, it was BAD BAD BAD. Menopause was even worse. You’d think for self preservation alone, he’d be more on top of things.

      Yeah, shopping for a new doc should have been done YEARS ago but as I said, I’m a procrastinator and because I only have to see him once a year it just wasn’t that important. All I need him for is to refill my hormones. lol WHich, he’s not good at doing so NOW it’s time to get serious!

      • HAHAHA! Aw honey, you’re not all that bad! You’re an absolute pleasure to be around when your hormones run out… when you’re asleep… or when you’re eating… or when you’re distracted…

        You know, there’s a manager’s position opening up in Hong Kong. I’ve always wanted to visit there…

  2. Nope, you’re NOT crazy, just realistic… Btw, my hubby is a rocket&satellite scientist, so he’s beyond smart… 🙂

      • Yes, really: we lived in the US for 5 years, as he worked at NASA(Houston, TX) as the avionics architect of the “life-boat” shuttle for the ISS… last but not least: he does have much more common sense&humor than me! 🙂
        – – –
        Warm greetings from Toulouse, the European capital of space&aviation! 🙂
        Have a great weekend and thanx for dropping by our international playground! 🙂

      • Your hubby sounds so interesting (as are YOU of course) and SO glad that he’s also blessed with common sense along with his intelligence! That doesn’t happen very often. Your life sounds amazing. I’ll bet you can write a book!

        Anyway, greetings from St. Louis Missouri, USA! Yes I know Houston well. I have family in Texas that I love very much. We visit twice a year!

    • Oh you can trust and believe he’s GOING to answer to it! I can hardly wait to spread the joy of ME when I get to HIS office. For real! He’s going to learn that he’ll be MORE than happy, if I don’t change doctors, in the future to refill a prescription of hormones. It’s not like I’m asking for crack… although maybe my family might wish I WOULD ask for crack. lol Seriously though… he’s negligent to say the very least.

      • We had to change doctors once – it was the best thing for our family. He sounds very inexperienced about these matters and should have given you all the info at the very beginning. Bless. It will get sorted and you’ll feel like a human again! 🙂

      • Aww! Thank you! I have so many health issues and it’s taken me YEARS of changing doctors in order to FINALLY get the correct diagnosis. I guess the problem I’ve had with the OBGYN is that these are the least of my health problems and I really just got lazy and didn’t want to deal. You’re right though, he is inexperienced. I went in the hospital on an emergency basis and they had to assign me an OBGYN.. thus the reason I ended up with him. My usual OB practiced out of a different hospital than the one I was admitted to. I could have gone back to the one who’s delivered my girls but by that time, this guy had all my records and it was the easiest thing to just stick with him. I don’t usually like going to a man for these issues anyway, however this man is gay so I thought to myself “Self, he’ll probably be just as sensitive as a woman”…. Self was wrong! lol

      • Ha ha! That’s funny! I wish you all the best and get the answers and medication you’re entitled too. Hope you’re having a great day! x

  3. I bet your husband is kicking himself right about now!! Good luck with your sanity for the next few weeks xx

    • You would think he’d be, wouldn’t you? My husband forgives himself a whole lot easier than he forgives anyone else! He’s completely clueless when it comes to empathizing. You’d think he’d be able to empathize with HIMSELF and all he’s going to be going through, eh? lmbo

      No seriously, he’s so good to me but OMG! I wish he’d just think sometimes! lol

  4. I am sure glad I ain’t your hubsband….Yeah I spelt that right…

    “Walks out the blog page slowly whistling a happy tune”


  5. First, I’m sorry to hear of all your miscarriages. That certainly isn’t funny, nor are the surgeries. But you did make me laugh…I hope that was okay. And, I hope your physician is okay after you and he have a discussion. 🙂

    • Yeah the miscarriages weren’t funny at all but the pain from surgery has left my mind so it’s okay to laugh. lol I saw the good doc yesterday and I say “good” with dripping sarcasm. He got an ear full FOR SURE and I think I’ll be changing soon so I don’t run into this situation again. The GOOD new is that I should have those cute little hormones by tomorrow. Oh and the other good news is that the Hubby is still living. lol

    • HAHA! I’m glad YOU think I’m hysterical because right now my family doesn’t think I’m so funny. The good news is that I should have my little pills by tomorrow and the other good news is that Hubby is still alive 😉 Or is that BAD news? hehe

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