Last day of sanity and a peek into Hubby’s future ;-)

Here’s the song that reminds Hubby of me especially when I have no synthetic hormones (refer to my last post “And you think I’m crazy now?”). lol

Watch the video and it will scare the crap out of you! I asked Hubby if Pink really reminds him of me and he says “Honestly, yes. On a bad day”. Well, honey, it’s about to be a bad day! I just took my last little life saver! lol So today we’ll celebrate, cause all should be good 🙂 Tomorrow…. I pity you 😉

Of course I’d love to tell you all I’m joking. And I’ll even go so far as to say I kind of am… the reality of it is, I can be BAD when it comes to mood swings and lack of hormones. How come nobody ever talks about these things? I guess no woman wants to admit to their own psycho menopausal behavior? Come on now, I CAN’T be the ONLY one! Well, I’m about to break the cycle of silence! lol Here I am telling you that it’s NOT a pretty picture. At least for ME, it’s not.

Please Don’t Leave Me

Da da da da, da da da da
Da da da, da da
Da da da, da da

I don’t know if I can yell any louder
How many time I’ve kicked you outta here?
Or said something insulting?
Da da da, da da

I can be so mean when I wanna be
I am capable of really anything
I can cut you into pieces
But my heart is broken
Da da da, da da

Please don’t leave me
Please don’t leave me
I always say how I don’t need you
But it’s always gonna come right back to this
Please, don’t leave me

How did I become so obnoxious?
What is it with you that makes me act like this?
I’ve never been this nasty
Da da da, da da

Can’t you tell that this is all just a contest?
The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest
But baby I don’t mean it
I mean it, I promise
Da da da, da da

Please don’t leave me
Oh please don’t leave me
I always say how I don’t need you
But it’s always gonna come right back to this
Please, don’t leave me

I forgot to say out loud how beautiful you really are to me
I cannot be without, you’re my perfect little punching bag
And I need you, I’m sorry
Da da da, da da

Da da da da, da da da da
Da da da, da da
Please, please don’t leave me
(Da da da, da da)

Baby please don’t leave me
(Da da da, da da)
No, don’t leave me
Please don’t leave me no no no

You say I don’t need you
But it’s always gonna come right back
It’s gonna come right back to this
Please, don’t leave me

Please don’t leave me, oh no no no.
I always say how I don’t need you
But it’s always gonna come right back to this

Please don’t leave me
Baby, please, please don’t leave me


43 thoughts on “Last day of sanity and a peek into Hubby’s future ;-)

  1. I know several.
    Some of my mates wife’s get VERY FUCKED UP Once a month, sometimes longer, in one case, for like. I pity my mates, but the daft bastards knew what they were marrying into.
    FUCKING IDIOTS they are….Very unhappy and all drink (Just a few of my mates here)
    There is a myth Scottish Men drink a lot..
    well there is your reason.
    When I was a drinker, if I was ordered home for say, 10pm, and I was in the Pub and the clock said 10:01pm, I am already a bastard, so stayed out till 5am, sometimes the day!!

    Not nice in reality.
    How come you can’t get these pills.
    Here, you make call to the Dr, they are in your hand in an hour….
    I don’t understand your Healthcare at all..

    Drink TONS of Coffee, it will help


    • I’m sorry to say that I’d probably be like your friends wives. CRAZY with those hormone pills. But the reason I can’t get them is that the doctor says he has to see me once a year. The year is up and I didn’t know to make an appointment so he didn’t refill my bottle. The bottle FINALLY got refilled yesterday so I should have them by tomorrow. Most meds here are the way you say, you have them in an hour. THESE they have to specially formulate them so it takes a while. It sucks! But honestly, I’ve been pretty okay up until today. Today, I’ve been a little edgy. PLEASE GOD, I’ll have them by tomorrow like they say! lol

      BTW… I know a lot of men who if they’re going to be a minute late, they’re already in trouble so they stay out until the next day! I probably would too if someone told me to be home at a certain time (unless there are kids involved). I mean, I understand that one person shouldn’t have to be responsible for the kids ALL the time. But if it were just the hubby and me, there’s NO WAY I’d let him tell me what time to come home. I’m pretty bitchy that way though. In the same sense, it’s a good damn thing I’m trustworthy, huh? lol And I really am 🙂

      • I wasn’t meaning you would be like them, not for a second.
        And when I did drink, if I was a second late, I was already a hate figure, lol.
        So I ended up hours late. If I am getting a row for it, I may as well make it a good one 🙂
        And you seen a nice person, you are going through a lot.
        Stress is a silent pain sometimes, so you need to take this into account.
        As always, here if you need a chat.

        Shaun x

      • (((hugs))) thank you Shaun!

        You may not have meant that I was like you’re friends wives but I actually AM like they are. Luckily, I haven’t turned into that monster YET! lol I’m supposed to have those little jewels today so maybe insanity won’t even get a chance to rear it’s ugly head 😉

    • I know, right? It’s been playing in my head for the last week! lol

      da da da da,
      da da da da
      da da da da

      I walk around the house singing the da da da part all day long. lol

      • ha ha ha
        Yeah I do that..
        Sometimes at night, the girls are asleep, I have the headset on, music blaring in my ear, I start singing and don’t know… 🙂

        I am often called an “Idiot” lol

      • Course…
        My two daughters awake me most mornings with FRIKKING Peppa Pig truck hit hard to the teeth and nose!!

        As Miss Shaun laughs 🙂


      • OMG! TOO funny! I don’t know which is more funny, the picture of your girls hitting you wit a pig truck or Mrs. Shaun laughing! lmao Now THAT’S what life is all about 😉

      • Wow! I commented over there so I won’t go into all of it here. But that was an interesting and pretty awesome post! You SHOULD be Scottish proud! lol I guess if I were honest, I’d have to consider myself a “mutt” or mixed breed. lol My mom is 75% French and 1/4 German. Dad is Scotch / Irish. I look more Scottish / Irish than I do French, although I tan easily and never burn in the sun like Dad does. lol THAT’S a good thing. lol

      • Scottish people go from a pale blue to white in Summer weather..Shit you not 🙂 lol

      • OMG! That’s my dad and my brother! And one of my daughters! You can actually see their veins. Thank GOD I got my mom’s skin. Although, my pasty white daughter is beautiful, probably the most beautiful of all my girls. (shhh…. don’t tell anyone I said that! lol).

      • Yeah, a smidge of it. But I’m proud of that little bit of kilt wearing, knife welding, whiskey drinking blood! Oh and I almost forgot to say warrior blood 😉

      • Freeeedommeeee

        William Wallace refusing to say yes to the Crown

        Now you are Scottish if that gives you spine tingles!! x


        And your interest in Scotland I love. .We should Skype again soon when we both have time x

      • Looking very forward to it! Hoping next week will be better, as far as time goes. I’m looking forward for things to start slowing down here. Actually, today is the first down day I’ve had all week so I’m taking advantage of just laying around and being lazy 😉

      • Yeah same.. Both my sons are working tonight, so no girlfriends around, and the kids are asleep. So just Miss Dawn and I . We may have sex. It may happen. Yeah….I think it will. I will ask and get back to you., If she says no, I won’t come back to reply, I will be in bed in a huff. Wish me good luck. I bought her flowers 3 weeks I am still “In the zone” Well when I say bought flowers I stole some Roses from a Garden. But it is the thought that counts. And she didn’t appreciate the mud all over the carpet and me and the dead, I mean Red roses 😦 May the force be strong in my asking.,,,,BRB!! sigh,,come on shaun,,,we can do this…quick cuddle and a “Suggestion” or just say “You wanna f***” We will wing it Shaun, we can easi,,,,,oh shyt sorry, I thought I had hung up…Sorry…don’t tell anyone..THANKS!! xx

      • OMG! I’m laughing so hard I can’t even stand it! lmao Well good luck to you and I hope NOT to hear from you cause that would be good news! (the dead roses 3 weeks ago… WAY too funny!!!!!)

      • Yasssssssssssssss The man from delmonte…HE SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Don’t know if you know the TV Advert) If not, delete the post. 🙂

      • lol…
        I was joking..Miss Shaun is awaiting my Son to come in from Work to make his tea, and I am off to bed now, one eye syndrome here 🙂 Speak soon x Shaun

      • ps: I hate Peppa Pig 😦
        I took my kids to see real pigs..

        Still like Peppa FRIKKING Pig…
        I am crying here….


      • OMG! See THIS is why I wake up and grab my lap top first thing in the morning… so you can make me laugh and start my day off the right way! lol I don’t know what Peppa Pig is even but I can only imagine! Of COURSE they don’t like real pigs… they’re too smelly and gross. Peppa Pig can do anything they want him to do PLUS he probably smells better 😉

      • ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! I’m STILL laughing about that truck and your face this morning, same as you made me do yesterday morning! OMG! Too funny! But Peppa does have such a nice looking family. They all SEEM so friendly and all! lmao

  2. I’m glad your man has an understanding at least! I’m glad you’re talking about it! I know it’s not the same thing, but I’ve found quite a bit of relief from PMS mood swings with Vitamin D and soy – maybe that could help? ❤ Pink! Good post all around.

    • You know, the only difference between menopause and PMS is the hot flashes and the severity of mood swings. I used to have PMS worse than anyone I’d ever seen. Now ALL my girls do. It sucks 😦 ANyway, thanks for sharing the advice about the Vitamin D and soy. I’ll give it a try and pass along the info to my girls. BTW… Because of all my medical problems, I was tested and I AM very low on Vitamin D. How weird is that! I’ll bet there really is a link between these symptoms and vitamin D but what does soy have to do with anything? Just curious.

      Yes, Pink does rock! lol

      • Soy contains a plant form of estrogen and it helps us regulate our hormone induced symptoms. 🙂 I’m not entirely sure on the vitamin D. I remember seeing it on a list with soy when I was looking up natural ways to soothe PMS. Sure as heck works for me! “Silk” makes a lovely tasting chocolate soy milk, or Trader Joe’s sells a chocolate soy milk in a box/carton that I like. If you don’t drink soy already you might want to try a few brands. Some soy milks are icky, and others are quite nice.

      • That’s so cool! I DO absolutely love Silk’s chocolate milk! We all do here. I’m allergic to milk, so is my daughter so we do the soy and almond milks. You can even cook with them which is something I didn’t used to know. lol But thanks for the heads up and sharing the knowledge! Maybe I’ll be needing to drink more 🙂

  3. You’re NOT the only one!!!! LOTS of women feel this way, but of course their health is not near as bad as yours! They do feel like it’s the end of their world though, whether it’s the girl whose children left her without warning, or the woman who is fighting cancer and is in pain every moment of everyday. There are sub-levels of all the same level of pain! Reading the song (love it btw), I can remember feeling out of control like this! I remember searching for someone to help me, and live life for me, and put things back where they belong FOR ME. Then I had to stop myself, read Michelle’s post, and realize I’m not the only one!! lol It made me feel TONS better!!

    • Oh Lisa… I just love you girl! You’re right, we all go through this crazy stuff at one point or another. Are you okay? I need to call you.

      BTW… I didn’t really kill your brother. lol

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