A MAJOR rant and a happy ending :-)

What a CRAZY weekend and week, for that matter!  I’m getting TOO freaking old for this, really.  lol  Today, I talked to somebody about my brother, who is a Leo.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the personality traits of a Leo, they’re just a tad self centered.  They’re STRONG and funny, but yes, the world as they see it, should ALWAYS revolve around them.  My brother came from the womb this way and he received many an a$$ kicking from me when he was little.  I should be ashamed, but I’m not.

This weekend, my brother suggested we have a birthday dinner for me.  He planned this with my husband.  I have to give little brother credit for even caring at all because I can’t remember a single birthday where he actually did anything for me.  Not that I mind… my birthday’s were something I’d like to forget, mostly because the brother that I shared every birthday with is gone.  I just wish they would come and go quietly, really.  Anyway, little brother planned a dinner.  You’d think it would be at HIS house right?  Nope.  He wanted to have the dinner at MY house so that my hubby can grill.  Little brother was going to provide the meat to be grilled but we had to do the sides.  He DID offer to HELP Hubby grill.

First of all, you know what having company means, right?  I have to clean.  The burden of cleaning and getting the house ready for company fell on me and my daughter.  I’m sure Hubby would have done it if I’d asked but he’s not good about details.  SO, I cleaned AND I made part of the dinner.  Once little brother arrived, he was “too sick” to help with anything. Hubby did it all while Little Brother went and laid down in my bed.  He had a headache and he was SURE that nobody in the world ever suffered from a headache such as he had.  Seriously.  I told him I understand headaches because I suffer from migraines but he told me that he knew I wouldn’t be able to LIVE with the kind of pain he suffered from.  Hmmm… how quickly he forgets that I have MANY a scar since I’ve been cut from my neck down to my belly button.  THAT’S nowhere near the pain Little Brother was having though.  So, I left Little Pumpkin to sleep in my bed while we got the food ready.

You might be interested to know what my birthday present was?  Okay, I’ll tell you.  My brother allowed me to take care of his baby daughters overnight and all the next day.  Thank GOD Hubby, Daughter and her friend helped me with this because I, myself, felt like complete crap.  Although, I’m sure my pain couldn’t compare to Little Brother’s.  I love my nieces, you all know I do.  I love them like they’re my own kids and why shouldn’t I?  They spend more than 2/3 of their life with me!  lol  It’s just that I’m tired.  And one of my nieces is possessed by the devil.  No joke.  I love her but she’s got some serious problems!  Far be it from ME to mention that to Little Brother because his progeny are perfect, just like him.  Oh and he really feels that if he tells me enough how I’m privileged to be able to watch them (because he won’t allow anyone else to take care of the little angels), I’ll look at it as my most honored privilege.  Only it’s my BIRTHDAY… so can’t I get a pass at least for this week?  Nope, I can not.

Little brother and his wife wanted/needed some time alone Saturday night so my family took care of my nieces.  3 of them.  Granted, the oldest one is a PLEASURE and no trouble at all.  The baby is also an angel, but you know how much time babies take, right?  Even the BEST baby is a handful!  lol  I could have said no, but I recognized that they don’t have time together (brother and wife).  They’re in their 40’s, like me and they get tired too.  So, just like he knew I would, I felt sorry for them and tried to FIX things.  So how did Little Brother and his wife spend their night together?  Little Brother was too sick to pay attention to his wife so he moaned and groaned and complained while she quietly read a book.  Wow.  What a waste.  Can’t he just fake it and TRY to act like he wasn’t the center of the universe?  It took SO much for my sister in law to rearrange her schedule just to be ABLE to spend an evening with her husband.  This was an evening he said he desperately needed with her.  I guess it was all good for him because she got the opportunity to dote on him and be concerned with his sicknesses.  She must be a saint.  I’d have killed him.

Yesterday, Sunday, the little angels were supposed to go home by noon.  They did NOT.  After noon, little brother called to tell me that his wife would be tied up at their oldest daughter’s tournaments until 5:00 p.m.  Did I want him to come and pick the kids up?  HELL YES, I wanted him to come right then!  Did he?  Nope.  He called his wife and asked her to leave the tournament, over an hour away, and come pick her kids up.  She couldn’t leave so the kids stayed here until after 5:00.  Little Brother had to go to the dump to empty trash and he actually said that he was going to be “stuck” with his kids for this entire week so he couldn’t come get them.  He’s a SAHD.  He doesn’t much like his role as Mr. Mom.  REALLY?  His poor wife works over 12 hours a day and still has to take care of the house and her kids when she gets home.  She NEVER has a break but my precious little brother needs a break.  Seriously, the kids are with me more than half the week, most weeks.  I guess I just thought that I would be exempt from having to watch the little darlings on my birthday.

Done with rant… kind of.  We made the best of the weekend, still.  I DO enjoy my nieces (when I’m feeling good).  I do NOT enjoy the devil that resides inside my 4 year old niece.  Luckily, Hubby was at home to restrain her from hurting herself this weekend.  She went into a RAGE, growling at us and slobbering because Hubby made her put a shirt on to go outside.  She feels like she should be naked all the time.  That would be fine with me if not for the fact that at 4, she’s getting a little too old and I don’t want some pervert driving by to look at her “business”.  lol  Hubby doesn’t “lose” it often, he’s got the patience of a saint.  However, even though he doesn’t believe in spankings, he had to administer one yesterday.  AND hold her so that she didn’t bang her head (on purpose) on the furniture.  I really can’t even describe her tantrums because I’ve never seen anything like them before.

Things DID settle down after the restraining incident and Precious Jr. became my Hubby’s best friend!  lol  Here they are cleaning up the playhouse.


(this old playhouse was one we built for my 28 year old daughter when she was 4!  My youngest daughter and her friend ghettofied it with paint a few years ago.  Ignore the paint. Besides Hubby and Esme’ are going to paint it white and also make a sign that says “Esme’s Playhouse 🙂 )


Here’s my teenage munchkin and her bff helping to keep the baby occupied so that I could do my birthday dishes.  lol  These kids were a LIFE saver!  Eventually, my daughter’s bff took off because she couldn’t take it anymore.  lmao

Once the babies left, we all got the heck out of Dodge and went to Dairy Queen!  There’s not much that ice cream doesn’t fix, right?  We ended the day with lots of laughs and fun and yumminess 🙂  All is good again at my house!


(Hubby contemplating the Oreo Blizzard that will be coming his way soon)


Hannah the bff, enjoying her ice cream, maybe a little TOO much!  lmao  BTW… she’d KILL me if she knew I posted this pic 😉  You can see that my daughter didn’t have much time this weekend to take care of her own very special hair needs?  hehehe


Life is good again and everything’s fixed, all because of a little ice cream 🙂


Hmmm…. maybe I should pay attention to my OWN hair and grooming needs?  Naw.  I didn’t give two $hi*$ about who was looking at me.  Sometimes, you just have to NOT care and enjoy your ice cream 🙂

Hope you all had a spectacular weekend?

39 thoughts on “A MAJOR rant and a happy ending :-)

    • Well THANK you! That means a lot to me and I’ll be sure to get to this ASAP. Probably later on tonight 🙂 You’re pretty awesome and it’s a PLEASURE to be part of your blogging world!

  1. YAY!! i finally figured out how to comment on your blogs, lmbo.. I love that you tell these stories with such graphic expression, coming form knowing you, I have truely lived some events similar and only smile when you rant….. mmmmwwwwwaaaahhhhhhhh!!! because YOU are HERE to rant…

    • I’m SO glad you never tire of hearing me rant… or at least you pretend not to be tired of hearing me rant! It helps that you know me and know I can get WAAAAYYYYY worse than this itty bitty rant.

  2. Reason I started my blog was to Rant, so you rant!!
    It does help and you rant in a good way…

    I can identify with family issues you have, in a BIG way… lol
    I am glad the Ice Cream made it better.

    Shaun x

    • I guess we can all relate, if we have an extended family. I don’t usually rant about my brother because I feel guilty as I only have ONE brother left, you know. BUT he’s a spoiled little baby brother who’s 43! lol Yesterday, he started calling at 7 a.m. desperately wanting me to pick up the phone and he didn’t stop till 10 p.m. He wanted me to take the kids AGAIN. He’d only given me a day to recover. Good news is that I didn’t answer the phone. I actually couldn’t because the pain was overwhelming yesterday. You don’t want to be watching babies while your pain is off the charts. I know YOU don’t have a choice but I do 😉 lol

      I’ve been watching the Margaret Thatcher funeral this morning. I thought about you. I’m not sure how you all felt about her but I really respected her. I was amazed to see that her children were young! They looked as young as my girls are. I guess I’d thought she would have had kids my age because I thought she was older?

      • You can pick your friends in life eh.. lol
        Family “Can” be a pain, I share your story 🙂

        And Maggie Thatcher. Knowing Scottish History as well as I do, I have no respect for the woman. I don’t wish her dead, I never had ANY feelings when she died. She was the hand that killed old people (Nearly my Gran) and kids through taking benefits from everyone when in Power. She used Scotland as the “Guinea Pig” of the UK. Not ONE! nuclear plant outside Scotland, everything got tested here first, the Poll Tax, the YTS Scheme. There are HUGE parties going on as we TYPE at her death. She was HATED. Many people, even national papers questioned the £2M State Funeral. I will not turn on the TV and pay homage to a woman who killed the Scottish through not being afford to eat or keep ward, and my friends the Irish, she was in Charge throughout the Hunger Strike, she killed many. She will got to hell, she has blood on her hands, she was an EVIL FUCKING WOMAN!! But I guess you would have to live in Scotland to get that. Really..I don’t know one Scottish person who wept or even mentioned it. All I did hear was parties. Many had a bottle of Champagne ready for her Death she was that hated!!
        I won’t mock or disrespect any dead person,. but I won’t weep for her. Please, Google away, you will read much about celebrations of her death. She was almost our Evil Dictator in Scotland.

        RIP Though Maggie..x


      • OMG! Shaun, I didn’t know that and I don’t think any of what you said was common knowledge over here? I mean, I think we’d have to google it to find out about what you’re saying. She received much good press over here which is weird, given how our press is geared toward liberal. I’m surprised the Queen allowed that to go on, making Scotland her guinea pig, especially after learning how much the Queen would rather be in Scotland! I guess she doesn’t have as much power as I originally thought. What I noticed this morning, was that when the Queen went to pay her respects to the family, she was tender to Margaret’s children but she didn’t look particularly sad. I’d wondered if there was tension when I saw that. Actually, Margaret’s children and husband didn’t look particularly affected by the funeral. What a heck of a funeral though, eh? I guess that money could have gone to feed so many BUT I understand the UK’s need to project wealth and power to the rest of the world. The news said that their hasn’t been a non royal funeral like this since the death of Winston Churchill and that the Queen hasn’t attended a state funeral since then? Maybe I got that wrong. I know she for sure didn’t WANT to attend Dianna’s funeral. THAT was a joke. I guess she was forced to attend the future King’s mother’s funeral.

        I’m sorry for the insensitivity I showed when mentioning Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. I just didn’t know. I think you’re going to run into that a lot with me though. You’ve taught me a lot about what’s going on in your country and the surrounding countries. We didn’t even know that Scotland was going for freedom this year until you told us. It’s not something that’s publicized so much and I just can’t figure out why?

      • Honest its fine 🙂
        I am just a Scottish Voice.
        A state funeral for an evil bastard, does not sit well with me. The Queen has “NO CONTROL AT ALL” In the UK..She makes no decisions on ANYTHING. But listen, you wouldn’t know had I not told you. Seriously popularity of the Royals has dropped by 50% at least over the last 20 years, one of the reasons was over what they did to Diana.
        Elton John, LIVE AT/IN Diana’s funeral. I cried..

        This woman deserved a STATE FUNERAL!!

        The Conservatives and Royals are mainly hated in Scotland with anyone with a brain. We were TAKEN/STOLEN As a nation remember, we want away from the Westminster (London Parliament for the entire UK) War Machine..

        I don’t hate, I just don’t like..And I lived under Thatcher’s rule..She was nasty. But its her day..So I will keep it clean. I hope you enjoy the video above. Diane deserved to be Queen, she was Beautiful inside and out.. x


      • Dang! I watched that video for the first time since she’s been gone and wow…. SO powerful and even more sad. Did you notice the Queen AND Prince Charles actually crying? I wonder if they were crying from guilt, knowing a terrible secret or if they were sad for themselves and their sons/grandsons? Yeah, I never knew the discord between the people of the UK and the Royals. I’d just thought you all felt the same we we American’s did. I guess common sense should tell me that ESPECIALLY Scottish people don’t love the Royals. lol Duh. I’m a genius sometimes though… by now you should know that! lol

      • We learn from each other.. American voted George Bush in twice..I thought you liked him 🙂 till I found out he 100% rigged both periods in office. You know this yeah? Google it..And SIT DOWN!! The truth hurts..


      • You’d probably shoot me if you knew I DID vote for George Bush twice. lol I’m not ashamed 😉 But yeah, I’d heard that the vote was rigged, especially the last one. People are saying the last election where Obama won was rigged too. Although I think there’s more evidence showing the last George Bush election was rigged. We’re a corrupt country… what can I say? I’ve just gotten to the point where I vote only to exercise my right. I don’t believe it matters anymore WHO I vote for because clearly, the “powers that be” will make sure whomever they want will get into office. It’s sad. But yeah, how bout that George Bush? hahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaa

      • I agree. no matter who you vote for, its the same shit policies. Same here, we THINK we have choice, we have no choice. We ain’t in the “Club” 🙂

        This man said it better: Please watch:

        He was GOOD!!


      • OMG! You’re SO right and SO is George Carlin! Here’s a quote from (I think) Ben Frankiln… “evil prevails when good men stand by and do nothing”… something like that. We’re NOT in the club! And don’t even get me started about this “No child left behind”crap! BTW… I know George Bush started that and I’m thinking that was the downfall of American civilization. It’s done nothing but dumbed down our children and we’ve gotten to the point where our kids can’t even read when they graduate from high school. NO kid ever fails anymore and everyone’s a winner (even when they lost). I truly DO believe the government is doing this so we have NO more great men and women. That way nobody will be smart enough to question the corrupt government. Like I said, don’t get me started cause I could go on forever. I might even make a post using your video. It’s something I feel pretty strongly about. I’m watching a whole generation of dumbasses graduate from high school and I’m wondering WHO’S going to be running our country when these kids get to be of age. I remember when it MEANT something when you told people that you had a high school diploma. It means exactly NOTHING now because everyone graduates from high school.

      • You are a smart cookie.
        You can see it!

        How many don’t though? Feel free to use the Video by the way for your blog. no issue there (YouTube own it) If you do a blog on this, please email me it or link me in..
        Would be a good read coming from someone seeing it first hand not a clever person seeing it thousands of miles away 🙂


      • We’d have to be blind NOT to see it and for sure I’ll link you to my blog and give you credit for showing me the video. Just copied and pasted the previous comment to you page because I just saw your post. I guess we can continue the discussion over there since you’re the one who originated the subject 🙂

        BTW… this is something Ben and I both feel very strongly about so you’ll not get an argument out of either of us.

      • Either or, as long as the message is out there.
        People NEED to wake up here. Watch what George has to say and open your minds just a little.
        We are all getting lied to.

        Shaun 🙂
        VERY passionate about these issues myself.
        We all should be.. x

      • I just watched the new videos you posted and have to agree that yes we’re all being lied to. The problem, as I see it, with many Americans is that we are more apt to believe the lies because we’re too lazy (and I’m talking about myself here) to research or to care. This is the world we’re leaving to our kids and we NEED to care. Why is it that it’s mostly the elderly who take the time to care about this world?

  3. Wow, your little brother sounds like my father. He’s an Aries, so he’s got a short fuse and stubbornness issues to go a long with being self centered. He’s just as much a baby about pain too, and no way anyone has ever had to deal with as much he does ;). Ice cream is good, but chocolate chip cookies are my day fixers of choice :).

    • HAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! Your dad sounds like a peach! lmbo I can relate to the pain of having an Aries parent because I AM an Aries parent… although I don’t talk about my pain and expect people to feel sorry for me. I am stubborn and have had to teach myself to listen to my kids and not talk. Whew…. that was difficult and a project still in the works. I think it must suck to have a fire sign for a parent. BUT, on things for sure, I’m so much fun! lol Even my kids will tell you that. If it weren’t for that, they would have probably left me a long time ago 😉

      Thanks for stopping over and I agree about those chocolate chips! Usually, I can’t even eat ice cream but that’s what the kids wanted and we needed the drive. lol

      • Ah, I actually think the pain thing may be more of a guy trait than astrological one in this case and as long as you’re fun I guess I can forgive you for being an Aries ;). The really funny part is that both my bio parents are Aries (take a guess on why that marriage didn’t work out) and both re-married to Libras. Not sure what that’s about, but it seems to be working for them.

      • HAHAHA! You poor thing! BOTH your parents are extreme pains in the a$$e$? You didn’t have a chance, did you? lol I guess the only possible WORSE match would be a Leo and an Aries. Ouch. Although, if you go according to the astrological matches, a double Aries should, in theory work. I still can’t figure out how that is though. lol I would HATE to live with me and I’m not even being humble. lol

        It’s funny and strange that both your parents married Libra’s. My first love was a Libra and that love lasted over 25 years for me. Notice I said “for me”? HE had the good sense NOT to return that love. He recognized that there’d be no hope for him if he went down that road. Actually, he loved me, he just recognized he couldn’t live with me. Smart guy 😉

      • Nope, I was doomed at birth. Anyone that says a double Aries match should work has clearly never met an Aries, find me a pair that can get along and work together for an extended period of time and I’ll keel over from shock. Leo and Aries does sound pretty bad though… *shudders*.
        Apparently Aries and Libra tend to get along, they are on opposite sides of the wheel so I guess that makes sense. People seem to have the idea that love can only be one thing, but there are a lot of different types of love in the world, or so it seems to me. I think that recognizing the type of love you feel for someone (I love you, but can’t live with you, ect.) takes a lot of self-honesty that most people don’t have.

      • You made me think… I DID have Aries friends but we were always in competition with each other. My husband is a Pices with Aries tendencies and we butt heads ALL the time because he doesn’t recognize me as the ruler. roflmao No but seriously you’re right about the different types of love. It’s not always passionate love that works, in fact it rarely ever does last because people don’t know what to do when the passion wears off, like it tends to do after around 18 months or so. THAT’S a scientifically proven fact. NOW, you can thank me for the lesson 😉

        In case you should REALLY believe I’m the a$$ that I’ve painted myself to you, PLEASE believe I’m not. You just seem like a really fun person to joke around with. You already know most of my personality flaws since you’ve lived with BOTH parents like this. *shudders*

      • Thank you, great one, for imparting such words of wisdom *rolls eyes*. I see you’re about as modest as the average Aries too ;). Yeah, put a bunch of Aries in a room together and the line between friend and rival diminishes real quick. Pisces with Aries tendencies? Now there’s an odd mix.

        Nah, we’re good. I know it’s all jest… mostly ;). In my experience light-hearted banter is difficult to work on the web, since humor (especially my style of it) is so difficult to convey in written words. But this is working shockingly well :D.

      • BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! You made me BELLOW out loud, like a goat or more like a donkey! ROFLMAO Thanks for that. But yeah, I totally get your humor and am NOT offended by it what so ever. I must have forgotten to even ask you what sign you were. I need to know so I can stop being the butt of all our jokes and you can partake of some of this love 😉

      • But I’m secretive by nature, I can’t just go revealing stuff, what will happen to my rep? I can tell you it’s the best sign by far ;). Take a guess, I’m curious what you think I am and we’ve been chatting long enough that it won’t be shot in the dark, and then I’ll tell you. Another clue, it’s probably just about the only sign that could survive two Aries parents.

      • HAHA! You’re going to make me guess??? I really don’t know all that much about astrology. Well there’s an outgoingness about you that makes me want to say you’re a Gemini. I seem to get along with Gemini’s the best. But you’re creative and you DID survive Aries parents so are you a Libra? One of my bff’s is a Libra and another bff who’s more like a sister is a Scorpio. Although I could wring the Scorpio’s neck sometimes. lol And she could wring mine right back, but that’s how we’re like sisters :-0

      • Hmm, Gemini, that’s not a bad guess really and congratulations on being the only person I’ve ever met to mistake me for outgoing, I come close to being downright anti-social in real life. What can I say? I’m selective about who I spend my time with. Very, very selective. I’m actually trying to work on being a little less so. Libra, no. My dear friend Hope is a Libra and she’s rubbed off on me a bit so I probably have some Libra tendencies by now. I’m a winter child, a dead-center Scorpio (hey, at least you mentioned it in your 😉 ). One day I shall take over the world with my army of Aries grunts. Muwahahahahahaha!

      • OMG! I’m laughing SO loudly now! Belly laughing! So my very best friend is a Scorpio and now so are you. You’re right, she’s the least social person I know. You seem so social to me though. She’s also amazed that she’s friends with me because she actually likes NOBODY! So why does she like/tolerate me? hmmmm??? Maybe she’s planning to take over the world with Aries grunts too?

        Here’s something funny, my bff is nov 6, and so is my daughter’s deceased father (11-6) and so is my step mother (11-6) and so was my deceased boyfriend (11-6). Now I’m going to crap if you tell me you’re 11-6! And before you should think these people are deceased BECAUSE of me, I should tell you that I had to kill them before they killed me 😉

      • Ah, I see now that I have competition in my quest. Soon we shall face off and find out which is stronger, but first it will be a battle of wits to see who can amass the largest Aries army. Hmm, excellent.
        Your friend sounds like me, at least when it comes to people. The apparent outgoing-ness is just in blogland, since putting myself out there on other blogs is part hyping mine. Not that I don’t enjoy it, I do, but it has a practical function as well. How was I supposed to know you’d actually run with it ;).
        That is a lot of 11-6’s, got to break the trend though 11-10 for me, close but not quite. Just as well the coincidences would be getting pretty freaky otherwise. Since they were Scorpio’s it was wise of you to take preemptive action, they were likely plotting against you. But if you were able to outwit that many of my kind I will have to proceed carefully…

  4. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! God I think I love you!

    You got me though. I DID take it and run, didn’t I? The difference between you and my friend is that she will participate in NO form of social media because she paranoid and thinks people will have too much ammunition against her. She’s afraid the government is watching everything we do and she doesn’t want to give them any information. Not that she’s EVER done anything wrong in her lifetime … she’s probably going to be proving me right one day. lol So I think she likes me, in part, because she can live vicariously through me because she refuses to live through herself. lol

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