Flooded back roads of Midwestern America

There’s SO much bad going on here in our country  Between the Boston Marathon bombings, the explosion of the West Texas fertilizer plant which blew up several residences and killed many, and now today, with the shutting down of a Boston town in order to find the people responsible for the bombings.  Wow.

Well, I won’t pretend to try to compare what’s going on HERE in my little town to ANY of the devastation in the rest of the country.  Our county has been devastated by the Spring storms yesterday.  Not at MY house but my “wayward” daughter’s town was literally evacuated yesterday and some fatalities have occurred as a result of the flash floods.  You can imagine my terror when I saw the cars floating down the street in front of where she lives.  She’s not talking to me so I couldn’t get in touch with her.  I was able to have my oldest daughter contact her and she’s FINE.  Thank GOD!  Like I said, she was evacuated and is now staying with my oldest daughter, where she’s safe.  Here’s what’s going on in the town of Desoto Missouri, where she lives.

Before I learned of the intense flash floods through out the rest of my county, my 2 daughters and I drove around in our 4 wheel drive taking pictures of the flood.  It was CRAZY how quickly these waters came up and how nobody predicted it.  We live on top of a small mountain (more of a hill) so we’re fine.  It was just hard to get around because there are so many little tributaries off of the Mississippi River.  Creeks that run into rivers.  SO much of our farm land was flooded and many homes were damaged.


(this is the bridge below our house.  You can see the water is street level.  It hasn’t been this flooded since the flood of ’93 where the whole heartland was wiped out)


(the farmers field below our house.)




(Sandy Covered Bridge by my house.  You can see that the water that’s usually just a trickling stream is pretty close to the bridge)


(My teenager looking at the flood)


(this is really a very large rock where we sit by the creek when it’s NOT covered by water.  The water looks very angry.  Sandy Covered Bridge)


(this is the creek below our house.  We were trying to capture how fast this water was rushing and the moving tree trunk.  My pictures really don’t do a bit of justice)


(The debris in the creek below my house.  There’s going to be a complete mess this morning when the water goes down)


(there goes an electric line!)


(I was trying to show how the water is up to the bridge.. almost ready to cover the road, and later would cover the road)


(I love this shot of the farm below my house.  The water would eventually cover his field)


(more of the creek below my house)


(the bridge – another one- and the waterfall)Image

(the creek now looks like a river that’s forked.  This is someone’s yard)


(a better shot of the damage to their yard.  This is a horse pasture)

There were other towns near us that were evacuated also.  Not just my daughter’s town.  There weren’t as many deaths as their could have been and for that, I’m thankful.  I think, maybe this weekend, we’ll drive around and look for places that need help with the clean up from the flood.  It takes a while to get back to normal after a flash flood takes over property and homes.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that my daughter’s and I had a good time driving around and stopping many times, to look at the flood!  lol  Something else I realized yesterday?  Hubby needs to shell out the bucks for a lens protector for the fancy camera he bought me for Christmas!  lol  I need to be able to go out into the rain without fear of hurting my lens, right?  Isn’t that what REAL photographers do?  Sometimes, I like to pretend to be a REAL photographer 🙂


5 thoughts on “Flooded back roads of Midwestern America

    • I know because I thought the same thing. Sometimes the media is just overkill… like the continuous coverage on this Boston town that was shut down. Maybe they can give us a little break?

      That being said, I think sometimes we have to look for the good in the midst of all this sadness and devastation. We’re not going to see or hear about it from the media, usually so maybe we should all just think about the happy things and what makes us smile, right now? IDK. It’s sad though.

  1. Devastating things are often quite beautiful too. I actually think its a good thing to find something fun/happy in bad events. It helps to make them more bearable. Loved the pic of the waterfall. I’m glad you and yours are okay.

    • Thank you Jess. What you said about trying to find the beauty in tragedy? That was the exact spirit in which we went out for that drive to look and see. We were getting depressed with all this badness and then the weather didn’t help. Instead of staying in bed or inside and watching all the crappy news, we went out for a drive. It wasn’t planned but it was probably the best time and most memorable time I’ve had in a LONG time with my girls.

      The next day, the water was back to normal, for the most part. Only trash was left behind to let us know there had ever once been a flood 😦

      • I’m glad that it worked out so well for you. Avoiding the news is definitely a good idea these days. It’s crazy that the water went down so quickly, but I guess that why they call it flash flooding. Clean up will probably take a while though, can’t have trash cluttering up all that beautiful scenery.

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