And this is how we do it!

Baby Girl decided that she HAD to get her drivers permit TODAY, on THE day that she turns 15.  No excuses were going to be accepted from me.  It didn’t matter to Julia that we didn’t have a copy of her SS# OR her birth certificate.  It didn’t matter that I had a million things to do in order to get ready for her birthday weekend.  It’s HER birthday so I must comply!  I spent some time waiting in lines at different government offices and twisted a few arms in order to get the required pieces of identification.  YUK.

Well, let me tell you, it came within MINUTES of not happening.  I must have “forgotten” making a promise to pick she and her bff up from school.  I had lots of errands to run so I got home almost an hour after she was supposed to get off the bus.  As soon as I walked through the door the phone rang.  It was Hannah (bff) asking why I didn’t remember to pick them up?  OMG!  If I got in the car RIGHT then, I could make it to school to pick them up and THEN to the police station, where they give the drivers permit tests, 5 minutes before they close the door… and that’s only if there’s no traffic and everything fell into place perfectly.  We all know that when you’re in a huge hurry nothing ever falls into place perfectly.  Well, I’m happy to tell you that today was different.  We made it with 3 minutes to spare before they closed the doors!  lol

NONE of my girls passed the test on the first day.  We had to KEEP going back to retest with a couple of my girls because they wouldn’t study the book.  Not Julia or Hannah.  They BOTH passed TODAY!  These girls were dead serious about their NEED to drive and as afraid as I am, because I HATE when teenagers start driving, I am also SO very proud!  Hannah could have gone to pass the test a couple of weeks ago because she turned 15 before Julia.  But because she’s such a good friend, she wanted to wait for Julia’s birthday so they could go together!  I’ve got to tell you, if it were ME, I wouldn’t have waited.  She’s a sweet girl though 😉  I was a little worried that Julia would have passed and Hannah wouldn’t… only because that’s the way things usually go.  I mean, what if fate decided to punish Hannah for being such a good friend?  OR worse, what if Julia didn’t pass the test and it’s HER birthday?  Either scenario was bad.  Thank JESUS BOTH of them passed.  Hannah on her first try and Julia on her second.  They’re only allowed 2 tries a day.


Birthday girl get’s her permit!  Look at how happy she is!


Hannah was so nervous.  She was afraid that if she blinked wrong, the officer would decide to take her permit back.  lol

Congratulations to both girls!  Watch out world… 2 more teenagers on the road.


44 thoughts on “And this is how we do it!

  1. Dear Lord in Heaven! Let this be a warning to every responsible driver on the roads of Missouri. Two teenage girls have been added to the list of drivers that we all should watch out for! Please, keep your loved ones at home and away from the steering wheel. Go straight to work and then home again, no delays in between! For the love of God, if you see either of these girls on the road, just PULL OVER AND STOP and wait for them to leave your immediate area.

    We can get through this people. We just have to pull together and believe that God will protect us from this new and very real threat. Good luck to you all….

    • HA HA HA HA HA
      Cruel and brilliant 🙂
      Do you have Scottish bloodline?

      In tears of laughter here…
      ROTFL @ “We can get through this people. We just have to pull together and believe that God will protect us from this new and very real threat. Good luck to you all….”


      • HAHA! I guess Ben didn’t see this? You guys crack me up! Thank the LORD this is our last teenager to drive and we’ll never have to go through this again… BUT Shaun, YOU will! TWO more times! roflmao

      • Not even the boys? I’ve been reading that a lot of people in the UK don’t drive or don’t need to drive. I guess it’s different over there. You’re sure lucky that you don’t have to worry about them though 🙂

      • Not all kids want to drive, remember Scotland is EMPTY so the public transport, compared to other places on Earth is very good. We have issues with then new (Stupid Trams getting fitted) with a few things, but the bus’s are regular and my kids say its decent value a bus pass, £35 a month and you can go on any bus you want for the month..So no driving yet..In-fact my 17 year old sister (My 21 and 19 year old sons Aunty:-) ) passed last month 1st time lol


      • What do your boys do when they go on a date? I guess they take the bus?

        I can NOT believe you have a 7 y/o sister! lmbo Is she your mom’s or your dad’s? Dad’s, right?

  2. Still amazes me that you can learn to drive from the age of 15 in the US!!! Congrats to the girls 🙂 Hope you guys enojy your lovely weekend! x

    • Actually I wish they’d change the age to 18! I think 15 is WAY too young. 15 is the age that they can pass the written test and start driving with an adult. They have to put 40 hours of REAL driving before they’re allowed to pass their real drivers test at 16. At 16, if they fail the drivers test 3 times, they make them pay close to $1,000 for classes before they’re allowed to take another legal test. My step daughter thought she was too smart and wouldn’t even look at her book. She failed 3 times and I wouldn’t pay for her classes. I made her take her bike to work in order to earn the money to take her own classes. She was 18 before she ever got her license. I’m mean that way 😉

      • That’s mad. Here you have to be 17 to even learn to drive( sit in the drivers seat!). You have to pass the theory and hazard and persecption test and you only get one go! Then when you pass that you can then do your driving test! You can however learn and ride a mo-ped from the age of 16

      • So what happens if you don’t pass the theory test the first time? Hopefully the numbers of fatalities are lower in the UK than they are here because you guys are so careful? They’re pretty high over here with young drivers. My own brother was killed in a driving accident when he was barely 18. He was drinking though. Even if he wasn’t drinking, I’m pretty sure driving would have gotten him killed because he was a CRAZY fast driver who thought he was invincible. My dad and he built a 1968 GTO with a 455 engine that would blow everyone away. He raced on the highway. We thought it was normal though because that’s the way we were raised. Wow. I just pray over my girls and so far it’s worked. I CAN tell you that there’s NO WAY this one’s going to get out on the road until I feel I can absolutely trust her and she can prove to me that she’s a safe driver but even then, there’s no guarentee. It’s just really scary!

      • Well with the theory test which is about £30 the pass mark is 43 correct answers from 50 questions. For the hazard perception section the pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75. Any you have to pass BOTH in order to pass. If you fail you have to book it again and waiting lists tend to be fairly long anyway and you have to pay again!
        With the actual driving test which is about £60, again long waiting lists, if you commit more than 15 driving faults, or one serious or dangerous fault, you’ll fail!

        And it costs more to do them on an evening weekend or bank holiday.
        You’re not allowed to drive on the motorway as you’re not allowed drive above 60mph untill you pass you test!
        I don’t drive as it costs too much to learn and cars are too expensive to run and insure!!!
        Sorry about your brother 😦

      • Wow! You guys are WAY more careful than we are! My youngest daughter’s grandmother was born and raised somewhere in England. She used to tell me that you didn’t need a car to get around. Most people walked or rode bikes. Oh and the refrigerators are tiny and so most people went to the market every day. Is that still like it is?

      • Nah, I walk most places or get the bus. My partner drives so that’s handy 😛
        The fridges are a lot bigger now! 🙂

      • HAHA! I guess a lot of things have changed since WWII. lol I think it was the 40’s when she lived there last. Before she died, she’d always cry, being sad that she couldn’t go back there to live. She really missed it.

  3. You have pretty girls..
    And well done to them both…
    I hope your time with the girls was good..

    Shaun x

    • Awww Thanks Shaun! The dark haired one is mine but the blonde has been with our family (cause she lives down the street) since she was 5! So I guess I can claim her since I can’t get rid of her! lol

      • ha ha, yeah we have a few like that through the boys, all good fun 🙂 Extension to the family

      • I wonder what it’s going to be like when they’re all gone? I mean the house is going to be too quiet! I’ve often thought about fostering kids like your dad does. Ben says NO WAY. I’d have a hard time wanting to let go of them if they had to go back to their real parents. Unless they were bad. Oh well, at least with you, you don’t have to worry about your kids leaving for a very long time 🙂

        My two sons are still at home, but both are in SERIOUS relationships and in REAL love…
        So letting go can be real, but they are still in the house, just feels like we are letting go.
        With a 2 and 3 year old..I think we be busy well into my mid 50’s before the girls think about flying the nest..

        Hard to think about for any parent, I want time to slow down, my princesses are getting to big too fast 😦
        My blog at the top was my feelings on how I feel about it..

      • I hear you. Maybe you should think about having more kids so that you won’t be so sad when your little darlings grow up? lol I would if I could. I’ve been pregnant 12 times and only 3 live babies came from that. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have a uteris anymore huh? lol I’d have a ton of kids 😉

      • Dawns friend had a full term, still birth pregnancy. poor girl was in bits for months till she got pregnant again..

        Sorry you had all these x

      • OMG. I’ve often wondered how people live through something like a full term still birth. I’m positive it would have taken me YEARS to get over something like that. Even if you get regnant again, I’m sure you’d be wondering and paranoid about the same thing happening again. Poor girl. My heart sure goes out to her.

        But yeah, it was rough. Every pregnancy, I worried and waited for the miscarriage signs to be there. They happened more times than I care to think about. My girls who lived are miracles for sure. It makes me appreciate life more than I would have if I wouldn’t have experienced all that. Thanks Shaun.

      • Hey..Not spoken for a while.. Hope you is good.. x

        And yeah we had several early one, one late miscaggiages (But spelt better) Before we had Courtney. And it was tough at the time, but when the baby arrives you think “If we hadn’t lost these kids we wouldn’t have Coco (Courtney’s nick name) and Chloe, so that was our way of making it bearable. But not all girls can, some take it really bad even after having a kid.

        Hope you are doing ok..


      • Wow. You hadn’t told me that before. That’s really sad and I’m sorry for you and Dawn. But yeah, I’ve felt the same way. If I hadn’t had some of the miscarriages, I wouldn’t have had the girls I had. I totally get that.

        I’ve been okay. Too busy to get on here! I have SO much to write about but I can’t put it all together in my head. Just a whole lot going on and I’m SO very tired. I guess actual living is more important than writing, though, right? lol hmmmmmm… sometimes I wonder. lol Hope you’re doing well?

      • Check down a few to the Mum one..not the best/ But we are positive and dealing with it.. x
        And if the truth me told I can’t wait to get my body fit and get back to football. I will still blog, but not as often. I need a frikking life. But one is coming. lol Slowly and soon I hope.

        And yeah. we had two boys. My pain was shallower and we tried for a girl, a few mishaps on the way, but we Have Coco an Chloe so, we can’t be unhappy anymore. It is the only way we could find meaning and help to get past the shit..


      • Yeah some woman have a kid and its almost forgotten. Miss Shaun;s thinking was “If I hadn’t lost that kid, we wouldn’t have Coco (Courtney’s nick name) or Chloe. I think this was her way of coping. But you are right, everyone is different and take things different..

        Hope you are doing ok..

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