Blue Screen of Death

I just want to let you guys know that I haven’t forgotten about any of you and I’m trying to catch up with all of you!  The blue screen of death has visited me several times.  I’ve had several posts interrupted and wiped out.  Comments have been lost.  We’ve done everything we know to do and it’s looking like maybe we need to get another laptop.  Yuk.  Luckily, I was able to save the million or so pictures and back them up last night.  I’ve been reading that some of you are having the same problems?  It’s not showing up as a virus on my laptop so I wonder what it is?  Shaun, my computer expert friend, any ideas?

Anyway, Just didn’t want you all to think I didn’t love you anymore 😉  Oh and be sure and remember to back up all your important stuff cause this can happen to anyone no matter how new your computer is.  Mine isn’t a little bit old.

17 thoughts on “Blue Screen of Death

    • Yeah… IDK what’s going on. So far so good this morning so maybe (GOD PLEASE) it’s fixed? The good thing is that THIS time I was able to save and back up all my pics. I’ve lost them ALL before with other computers.

    • Aww! Thank you so much for the warm and happy greeting! It’s strange how dependent we become on our technology! I remember when I didn’t have a computer or laptop or camera or cell phone! HAHA! I wonder what I did in those days before all this technology???? Ah well, hopefully it’s fixed now 🙂 Happy greetings to you to, my friend!

    • Yeah, really! I’ve been doing fantastic until yesterday… health wise. I never really know or have a warning when I start going down hill. When I start seeing blood, I know it’s about to change for me and yesterday, I started throwing up blood again… Sorry for TMI but I’m just so used to living this way. Anyway, prayers are certainly appreciated! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and person!

      • I hope the throwing up doesn’t last long this time. I hate it when such nice people get sick. I know that’s just life, but I still hate it. I mean, why can’t only evil people get sick? sigh…

    • Thank you! I have no skills either which makes it especially frustrating for Hubby! lol He’s a true nerd/geek lol

      But yes it’s frustrating AND seriously, I almost cried last night when it happened for the last time… hopefully the last time!

  1. I use to have this happen allot, I lost hours of work and part of reports if I didn’t back up every few minutes, the ten years ago I bought an Apple and I haven’t seen the blue meanie since. no computer is trouble free but I don’t miss the Blue screen death at all … hoping for the best

    • Ah man! That would be a pain to ave to stop and back everything up like you had to for work! I’ve often thought about getting an apple. I’ve heard the same from other people who own apples. I really might consider it if this one crashes for good.

      Thanks for reminding me that apples don’t have the same problem as microsoft. It’s something I need to think about for sure 😦 Hopefully this one will give me a LITTLE more time though.

      • you are welcome, do your research on Apples before you buy, they are different and not always compatible with programs that you might use on yours,but they work good

      • Yes, I’ve heard that about Apples… which steered me away from them but I’ll bet they’ll have similar programs that I’d be ok with. But you’re right, always good to do research before making a decision. Thanks Parkgang!

  2. Hummm, this is the first time I hear and see this… Thanx for the info & good luck!
    Have a serene day! Warm greetings and friendly hugs, Mélanie

    • You’re lucky not to have seen this before! DO you have an Apple? Apple’s don’t do this. Oh and here’s a blessed and beautiful day right back a you! 🙂

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