And this is how we do it!

Baby Girl decided that she HAD to get her drivers permit TODAY, on THE day that she turns 15.  No excuses were going to be accepted from me.  It didn’t matter to Julia that we didn’t have a copy of her SS# OR her birth certificate.  It didn’t matter that I had a million things to do in order to get ready for her birthday weekend.  It’s HER birthday so I must comply!  I spent some time waiting in lines at different government offices and twisted a few arms in order to get the required pieces of identification.  YUK.

Well, let me tell you, it came within MINUTES of not happening.  I must have “forgotten” making a promise to pick she and her bff up from school.  I had lots of errands to run so I got home almost an hour after she was supposed to get off the bus.  As soon as I walked through the door the phone rang.  It was Hannah (bff) asking why I didn’t remember to pick them up?  OMG!  If I got in the car RIGHT then, I could make it to school to pick them up and THEN to the police station, where they give the drivers permit tests, 5 minutes before they close the door… and that’s only if there’s no traffic and everything fell into place perfectly.  We all know that when you’re in a huge hurry nothing ever falls into place perfectly.  Well, I’m happy to tell you that today was different.  We made it with 3 minutes to spare before they closed the doors!  lol

NONE of my girls passed the test on the first day.  We had to KEEP going back to retest with a couple of my girls because they wouldn’t study the book.  Not Julia or Hannah.  They BOTH passed TODAY!  These girls were dead serious about their NEED to drive and as afraid as I am, because I HATE when teenagers start driving, I am also SO very proud!  Hannah could have gone to pass the test a couple of weeks ago because she turned 15 before Julia.  But because she’s such a good friend, she wanted to wait for Julia’s birthday so they could go together!  I’ve got to tell you, if it were ME, I wouldn’t have waited.  She’s a sweet girl though 😉  I was a little worried that Julia would have passed and Hannah wouldn’t… only because that’s the way things usually go.  I mean, what if fate decided to punish Hannah for being such a good friend?  OR worse, what if Julia didn’t pass the test and it’s HER birthday?  Either scenario was bad.  Thank JESUS BOTH of them passed.  Hannah on her first try and Julia on her second.  They’re only allowed 2 tries a day.


Birthday girl get’s her permit!  Look at how happy she is!


Hannah was so nervous.  She was afraid that if she blinked wrong, the officer would decide to take her permit back.  lol

Congratulations to both girls!  Watch out world… 2 more teenagers on the road.

On accidentally doing something right…


Where did this kid come from?  Sometimes I’m SURE babies were switched at the hospital on that lovely spring day back in 1998.  Some other, not so lucky family, must be enjoying my “demon spawn” while I’m enjoying their little angel!  I’m going to go on record here and say I truly don’t want my real baby back.  Don’t call, don’t write and don’t show up at my door!  I will not be home.  I’ve raised 4 daughters and finally, FINALLY (on the final try), I got an easy one.  God, PLEASE don’t jinx me for saying this too soon.

Julia  just walked in the door from church.  And no, this is not the norm for anyone in my family.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a “spiritual” person and truly do believe in God.  I even consider myself a “Christian”, although I’d never be a poster child for the movement.  Somewhere along the line, my daughter just developed an interest in helping people.  Okay, for this I truly CAN take a little credit.  I’ve tried to instill in my children the importance of taking care of our elderly and helping the less fortunate… I just didn’t realize anyone was listening!  lol  Anyway,  she tells me that the best way to participate in “caring for her fellow man” is to associate herself with a local church and youth group.  Now,  I have reservations about some of the fanaticism related to a few churches in our little Midwestern town but I think we found one that even I can feel comfortable with.  Just not so comfortable that I would want to go WITH her for Weds night service.  I digress….  So I was saying that Julia just walked through the door and I asked her what she learned.  She tells me that the youth leader spoke about teenage girls and the importance of being single.  He quoted a scripture in the Bible (of COURSE I don’t know which one it is) and talked about how dating at too young of an age is a distraction.  I’m warming up to this guy!  Keep talking….  I asked J what HER opinion of tonight’s sermon is.  My heart melted when I heard her say, “Mom, I think he’s right.  There’s just so much I want to do with my life and especially while I’m young and single.  I just think I want to focus on what God wants me to do”.  At this point I have tears in my eyes and I want to go light a candle and say a prayer of thanksgiving!  lol  This child COULDN’T have come from me!  At her age, the only two thoughts in my head were 1.) what was I going to wear today and 2.) who I would be dating.  Which pretty much paved the way that my life would go.  I became pregnant at the age of 17 and graduated from high school 9 mos pregnant. I have lots of adorable pictures of me waddling down the isle to receive my diploma.  NOT cool.  Out of necessity,  I held 2 jobs while trying to get through college in order to support my child.  I’ve been married more than once.  It seems like my life has been spent trying to figure out how to support my children.  Definitely NOT the road I want my own daughters to tread.  To be fair, none of my girls have gone down my path BUT Julia’s 3 sisters have definitely given me a run for my money in too many other areas.  So far so good with Julia.   WHEW!   Maybe I did something right with this one?  Pretty sure this one’s a keeper!