Oz The Great and Powerful, Movie Review and trailer

This story is based on L. Frank Baum’s Oz novels. It’s the prequel to the “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and is set 20 years BEFORE the story that we all know and love.

What’s the story? (according to: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/oz-the-great-and-powerful)

OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL opens in the familiar black-and-white landscape of early 1900s Kansas. Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a charming magician nicknamed Oz, charms a pretty country girl with an obviously fake story about his grandma’s music box. During his show, a young girl in a wheelchair (Joey King) asks him to make her walk, but he demurs and has to stop the show in relative disgrace — until he sees the one local girl he cares about, Annie (Michelle Williams). When a fellow carnie comes after Oz for flirting with his girl, Oz escapes in a hot air balloon that flies directly into a twister and then crash lands in … somewhere that’s definitely not Kansas. Confused by his colorful surroundings, Oz meets the beautiful Theodora (Mila Kunis), a young witch who explains that he must be the prophesied Wizard of Oz sent to deliver the kingdom from the evil witch. Theodora’s older sister, the powerful Evanora (Rachel Weisz), promises Oz the throne if he kills Glinda and destroys her wand, but once he meets Glinda (Williams), it’s clear that someone’s story isn’t quite right. With an adorable monkey Finley (voiced by Zach Braff) and a brave little China Girl (King) by his side, Oz must decide whether he’s just a con man magician or if he can truly be the Wizard of Oz.

Is it a good movie for kids? I personally think so. My husband and I sat in a movie theater that was 90% children, mostly 7 years old and up. There are very dark images and sometimes a little scary but I watched the kids surrounding us and they seemed non phased or afraid. Maybe it speaks to the society we live in? IDK. I WOULD bring my small children. I didn’t find it any more scary that the original Wizard of Oz.

Did we like it? I’d give it a two thumbs up for sure. I was prepared to hate it. I’d heard good and bad but I wasn’t prepared for how MUCH I’d love it. I completely got lost in the beauty and the story. I didn’t want to leave when the movie was over. I don’t usually see movies (especially in the theater) twice, but I’ll be bringing my daughter to this one.

Oh I HIGHLY recommend seeing this in IMAX or 3D! In fact, I can’t imagine NOT seeing it this way. It reminded me of the beauty of Avatar. You just have to experience it in 3D.

My favorite characters were Glinda, played by Michelle Williams. She’s PERFECT and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Glinda. I fell in LOVE with the little China Doll, voice of Joey King and Finley, the monkey, voice of Zach Braff, had me in stitches!

What struck me most is how I was transported back in time, back to a day when I was able to laugh and be amazed, freely. Back to when I was a child. I was in complete AWE, just like the other children sitting around me.

PLEASE go see this!

Django Unchained, Movie Review

Good morning my lil blogging world!  I dreamed about this movie last night so I’m pretty sure THAT was a sign the blogging gods weren’t happy with me for not sharing with you my thoughts on Django Unchained :-/  

I’m going on record here and admitting that I really have a hard time sitting through a movie.  It’s not that I don’t ENJOY a good movie, I do, I really DO!  I’m pretty sure it’s because my ADD won’t let me pay attention for that long.  I start fidgeting and noticing the popcorn bag that the guy next to me is loudly crinkling.  Or the lady behind me, bless her heart, blowing her nose and sharing her every thought on the goings on of that particular movie.

Now that you have my movie going background, you can imagine how I was a little reluctant to sit through 165 minutes of Django!  I LOVE Quentin Tarantino in a very strange way.  He’s revolting but revolting in a way that my jaw stays dropped because I’m trying to figure out what it must be like to live inside his twisted mind!  lol  I’d heard so much about this movie so hubby and I decided to make a “date night” last Saturday and see it for ourselves.  Yay date night!

My thoughts on Django Unchained?  It was dark in a hilarious sort of way.  I think the humor made the subject matter (slavery) a little easier to tolerate.  Kind of like “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”?  You know what I mean 🙂  The movie flowed quickly and kept even MY ADD addled brain’s interest!  I absolutely loved Jamie Fox as Django Freeman.  Leonardo DiCaprio was awesome, if despicable.  I think my very favorite character performance though was Christoph Waltz as the bounty hunter who freed Django!  He was SO funny, annoying and heroic!  I’d heard a lot about the cast of “stars” but nothing about Christoph Waltz.  The one thing about this movie that surprised me was that I expected it to be a whole lot more twisted and dark given that it’s a Quentin Tarantino movie.  It was more funny than twisted.  There’s a lot of blood and gore but you almost want to see the bad guys get what’s coming to them, trust me!  lol

I give this a strong 2 thumbs up!  If you haven’t seen it (Kelly), you NEED to see it BEFORE the Oscars!  😉

Here’s the story in a nutshell according to IMB:  With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

Movie Review: Beasts of the Southern WIld

I’m late to the game on this one but I just saw a little film called Beasts of the Southern Wild directed by Benh Zeitlin.  It completely blew me away!  I can’t even begin to do justice for the performance of a tiny little girl named Quvenzhane Wallis!  In a nutshell, the movie is about a little girl named Hushpuppy growing up on the Delta with only her sick Daddy to take care of her.  They live in sort of a homeless community that they call The Bathtub and they’ve learned to be completely self reliant.  Hushpuppy is almost an orphan and a 100% Wild child but I fell completely in love with her!

Do yourself a favor and if you haven’t seen it, see it now!  My husband even loved it and he’s usually only into action, fantasy or sci- fi flicks.  Actually, it was his idea to watch this on On Demand tonight.  Way to go Honey!

Check out their link: