Bonding with the nieces :-)

Having the pleasure of my 4 year old niece, Esme’, who spent the day and night with me.  God I love this kid.  I wish I could describe her personality to you but my words aren’t colorful enough.  There simply is NO personality like hers.  She’s almost, a little TOO old for her 4 years.  An old soul.  She just KNOWS things that she hasn’t ever been taught.  Like, this morning, she told me, as she was helping me scramble some eggs, “I don’t PRECISELY like when you let the egg get on my hand, Aunt Michele”.  Okay, so she didn’t maybe use the word “precisely” in the correct context BUT she used it and what 4 year old says “precisely”?  She has an imaginary friend named Charlotte, who is a spider and she tells me that once, when Charlotte was just a baby, I stepped on her and killed her but Esme’ brought her back to life.  Charlotte is busy in the kitchen now, and she’s raising a family of her own.  LOT’S of little baby spiders.  lol  I once had an imaginary friend, but it was a boy named Charlie NOT a spider! Oh and Esme’ isn’t allowed to watch TV but somehow she knows ALL about zombies.  She chased me around the house yesterday pretending to be a zombie who wanted to eat me!  I obliged her by falling to the ground so she could take a chunk out of me 🙂


I also had her baby sister, Ireland, who I swear is the reincarnation of my brother, J.  She is the SPITTING image of him.  I started calling her “Uncle J”.  lol  Esme’ LOUDLY explains to me that Ireland is NOT Uncle J!  I wish these girls could REALLY know who their Uncle J is.  They only have pictures though.  Anyway, Ireland is my little lover and wants me to hold and snuggle her all day, and I will.  Sadly, her mommy came to pick her up last night.  My sister in law says she doesn’t share well… and she doesn’t!  Ah well, I’m blessed to have these kids as much as I do and I’m EXTREMELY happy that they have such a good mommy who doesn’t like to be without her girls.  That’s the way it SHOULD be.


Today, I’ll be picking Esme’ and Ireland’s older sister Aubrie up from school.  I don’t get to see Aubrie much because she’s involved in SO many sports and other school activities.  I cherish even these sad times.  I’m taking Esme’ and Aubrie shopping for funeral clothes.  It’s a sad occasion but I’ll try to make it as fun as I can.  Besides, NOBODY does fashion the way Aunt Michelle does fashion!  lol  That’s really the only reason my sister in law asked me to take the girls shopping!  lol


One of the only pictures of me Esme’ and Aubrie 🙂


A more recent pic of me Aubrie and Ireland 🙂

Now…  I’m off to do some serious girl bonding!  Here we come mall !!!


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